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  • Darla, I hope your friend's dad is doing better. By now you've been reassured that a 92 blood-ox isn't bad so maybe they've found whatever the underlying problem is. My blood oxygen levels are usually at 79-82 and I'm on an oxygen machine but the symptoms I had and my problems didn't sound like the ones he's having.

    Prayers being said for your friend and her father. I know this must be tough on her but she's lucky to have someone to talk to about it.

    Hang in there for her!

  • Oxygen levels
    The only thing I have heard about something like that is when I helped my girlfriend sit with her father who was 72 in the hospital. He got real mean and hateful too. They told us sometimes some kind of fat globules are released in older people's blood stream that cause this, especially if they have had surgery, which he had for a broken hip. It was just terrible what my girlfriend went through. He can't help it I am sure.

    Sue L.