Insulin resistance

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  • I am so glad there is a thread for this, I have been diagnoseed with IR and PCOD too, I don't know anyone else and am very frustrated. I have not gotten much help from my DR. And would like to concieve, but not possible at this point. Help!
  • drb
    Due to PCOD I had fertility problems. Had to go through extensive fertility process with drugs. But had a great doc. He took it really personal and was very successful...and my husband did not have to step one foot into the clinic! I have two great kids. It's hard...the constant "thinking/dwelling" on problem was getting me to ovulate and release the egg. But, the FIRST egg that we got to mature and release...I became pregnant...both times. My best advice is to find a doctor with a good success rate and who is really going to try...not drag it out for 50 years! And, you have to be ready to be big and patient. My second round of fertility, I had to take injections everyday on certain sister had to give them to me. Takes some dedication. And not trying to push religion...but my faith in God and prayer was the BIGGEST factor. I prayed and prayed and promised God that I would accept whatever happened and love him no matter what. Not only did he answer my prayers, but overly and abundantly...a boy and a girl. The older you get the harder it is. My first round was not nearly as complicated as the second one. But almost 4 years had passed and my body had changed. My doc says that my second pregnancy truely was a miracle of God. Every shot and poke and ultrasound was worth it. Plus, my 5 now...things have probably progressed some in the fertility business!;-)
  • I, too, am i.r.. I also have PCOS and am hypothyroid. WHOA ! sounds like Im a walking time bomb, LOL !! Actually, all of these problems work together to make it so difficult to lose weight or conceive. I am taking Synthroid & Glucophage daily, the gluc. twice a day. Im trying to live a lowfat lifestyle and it is working finally !!!! The Glucophage contains a small amt. of appetite suppressant that is why is works to help lose weight.

    Diabetes runs in my family but so far, I dont have it. I have been tested over and over again this year while trying to regulate my body. I have tried a low carb diet and cant stick to it. Im sure it would be a much faster way to lose weight if you have PCOS but it wasnt for me.

    Conceiving for a second time has been a nightmare for me. I have a beautiful son who is almost 5. I had him before I was diagnosed with PCOS -even though they think I had it before him. They believe that because I was on birth control pills before I had him, it must have regulated me enough to get pregnant. I havent taken the real fertility route yet and at this point, I dont think we will. ( timing, money...). I was on Clomid for a while but even at the lowest dose, it drove me crazy. I had every side effect you could have while on it. Believe it or not, the higher dose, didnt bother me as much. It didnt work though. Through all of this, I have learned one thing......STRESS plays a major roll in all of it. Try to get rid of as much stress as possible.

    How is everyone else dealing with PCOS and its effects ( losing hair, facial hair, dark spots on skin ?)
  • I have every symptom of PCOS
    Thinning hair, dark spots on face, overweight, facial hair (I sit in my recliner sometimes with tweazers...we refer to them as my chin pluckers...and pluck my beard and mustache!...I tease my husband that it's foreplay). It's not that I have SO much hair on face...but it's very coarse and beardlike hairs. But I keep them plucked. I have come to terms with my thinning hair...although everyone around me hasen't! I'm not bald, but the top/front is a lot thinner...and god forbid I sunburn my head! I had dark spots on my face during pregnancy...they seemed to go away. But recently, I've noticed more. I'm 39. They say that there are things that can be done if diagnosed earlier. I mentioned it to our MD concerning my daughter (she's 9)...but he said there was not much we could do until she hit puberty...if she is PCOS. At least if she follows in my footsteps...I'll get help for her. I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago...but that was it...a drugs or explanation. The glucoflage made me so sick when I first started taking it! But no significant weight loss. Although I have not been dieting. I wanted to see what would happen just taking the meds. But it does keep my stomach somewhat "tore up" with loose bowels. I do need to try some dieting and see what happens.
  • rosmith
    Have you notified your doctor that the Glucophage is giving you loose bowels?

    My DH was taking 2500 mg. of it daily until 6 mos ago when they put him on insulin. It never did that to him.

    While I know that different people react differently to medications, it just seems that maybe your doctor could prescribe you one of the other blood glucose oral medications that might not affect you that way.
  • I am so glad to reading this stuff from you guys. I have been suffering alone!

    This is gross, but I noticed I was not digesting the Glucophage. I was passing them whole. Anyone else have this trouble and why do you think it is happening?

    Alison in Wyoming
  • awf60
    I have never taken Glucophage.

    ALthough, that happened to me while taking Claritin-D. I told my doctor and she advised me that I should no longer take them as they couldn't help me if I passed them whole! So, she gave me something else.

    Have you told your doctor what has been happening? If not, as gross as it may sound, you really need to notify your doctor about it. It may be as simple as taking them on an empty stomach OR you may need to be placed on another medication.
  • Insulin resistant diabetes
    Oh My God ! you are describing my husband exactly. He is very upset that no matter what he eats his blood sugars are always high. The doctor had to take him of of the Glucaphage because of some of his lab work and that has made him worse. The old doctor we had moved away and we are to see the new one soon. I will have a lot of questions for him. I can't thank you enough for giving me some insight on his problem.
  • In response to ROSMITH, I haven't heard of the condition that causes thinning hair, facial hair, etc. I have it but my dr. hasnt' said anything about it..just asked me if I had it. HMMMM

    I am insulin resistant and the only thing I have found good about it is,,,,well, nothing! If you need to gain weight this is a pray answered. Diabetis run rampant in our family.

    I have been trying to get off insulin for years. I have a lot of allergies, so a lot of the meds and things you see on TV infomercials, I can't take. I had annaphalcsis (?) when I took gloucophage!!! I had a bad reaction the second time a dr. put me on it. I thought it was a new med I had never taken before that was causing the problem, I stopped taking it and took gloucophage alone and within 1 min. I was chocking and coughing uncontrolably. I had to take an epi-pen (epinephrine) and benydrill. I still have dr. who insist on giving me this and had one dr. prescribe it under its pharmasutical name (that I didn't recognize) and therefore refused it when I went to pick it up. Its a strugggle. And I do get tired of Dr. telling me that I must not be trying hard enough!!

    take care and good luck
  • My DH is insulin resistant type 2 diabetic. He does really well on the Atkins diet. His will power is low too, but he loves meat and fish, so it works as long as he doesn't have to eat out too much.
    The breakfast buffet at Big Boy, and Ryans Family Steakhouse are good places to eat low carb.