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  • Bad day today
    Mercy what a day. Started out with an asthma attack, followed by a panic attack, followed by both feet and my left hand going into cramps. This followed a 3 day migraine. Eeeeeeeekkkkkk
    Finally had to resort to taking my muscle relaxant to get my left foot to release its cramp. I managed to work my 8 hours but I'm not going to go to work tomorrow. Just can't do it. Even with the muscle relaxant my neck muscles are so tight I could break a piece of iron with it.

    All I can say is thank goodness this doesn't happen everyday. Or at least I hope it won't happen everyday. eeeeeeekkkkkkkk
  • It has to get better. Are there any massotherapists in your area?
    They can do wonders. My neck was so knotted, I couldn't turn my head. I finally gave in and went to one. That was one of my better ideas. It is worth the cost. In an hour, I could move, I was happy, and it lasted for several months.
  • massotherapists
    I don't know. I did go to a lady who gave massages for a while but when she got done with me I hurt worse than when I went in so I gave up on that. Is a massotherapists a specialist of some kind? Thanks
  • fibromyalgia
    Hey y'all, my mom has been going to a massage therapist and getting something called "myofacial massage". Maybe i'm totally crazy, but I think that is what it is called. It has helped her somewhat, although she is so sore the day after. The medicine has helped her more than that though.
  • Please Read!!!!
    I am not trying to make this an ad, but my sister in law has suffered from Fibromyalgia for the past 10 years. We started driking noni juice and it has helped her tremendously!!! She has more energy now than she ever has! She still has some pain, but not nearly as much as before. At least she feels human during the day now.

    Here is her email address and you can contact her with any questions on how it has affected her. [email protected] Her name is Beth.

    Noni juice helps your body get back into proper working order.

    I have watched her suffer for years with this terrible disease and I'm so happy to see her normal again.

    Good luck to all of you!

  • Fibromyaglia
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned avoiding nutrasweet (aspartame). This product is very bad news. It creates restless leg syndrome in me but has been implicated in many health problems!

    Drink lots of water, water, water Stay away from soda pop, especially diet drinks!

    Also, my 19 yr. old daughter has had many health issues and a yeast eliminating regimen has helped her tremendously.

    Good luck and health!

  • Check out information at
    Recently I was told that my thyroid studies were abnormal. I started reading information about the thyroid at that webside (in the health section). There is information suggesting that fibromyalgia is related to thyroid abnormalities.
    It at least gives information that you can discuss with your doctor.
  • fibromyalgia
    I have fibromyalgia too. I'm a nurse, in semi retirement, doing research so I can write a book eventually on chronic invisible illnesses like fibro. They tell me my case is post traumatic as a result of car accident and five injuries while working as a bedside nurse and lifting a lot. I was only given the diagnosis four years ago but have suffered for nearly 20 years. There is no easy way to manage the pain, but when you find something that works for you, stick with it and don't fall for any claims of a cure, there are none. I run an educational egroup if you are interested in the latest findings and research and LOTS of information. You can access it at:
    Please feel free to email me if you want to chat about this. I correspond with lots of folks who have fibro, CFIDS, etc. Would love to hear from you.
    gentle hugs,
    Mary Pat AKA Fibronurse
  • To everyone of you who are suffering.

    If you have not read looked at the health section of, do. There is a lot of information to digest. I have found that a lot of problems can possibly be related to the thyroid--it seems to affect the whole body when it is out of whack. Especially see the report from Dr. Blanchard. This information can help when you are discussing your problems with your doctors.
    Good luck.

    Typing N
  • new to this disease
    From what I understand, diagnosing fibro. is more like a process of elimination. I was told I had it and was misserabloe for 5 weeks. My pain was stationed in my arm, neck, and shoulder. I tried a chiropractor, which made it worse. When I woke up in the morning was my worst time of day. I usually started feeling better around noon. I was also ging through pre-menopause. I was told this was common. I have since then been taking Prem pro. I am so pleased to say the symptoms are virtually gone. I sometimes question if I was diagnosed properly. But I had all the symptoms. I continue to read up on this awful disease, and will never forget how devastating it was.