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  • Hello Lifestar, yeah I have been having a time of it since is just one of those things...I start feeling somewhat better than overdue or get where I can't sleep...then throw a heavy period in and I am down...I am slightly anemic..last month and hardly had time to recoop and I had another cycle...I have to have another cbc next month to keep a check on it so I don't start going to 10, 9, 8....sure don't want that trouble. I tend to push myself to the limits and do stupid things like forget to eat??? Throw the Fibro in there, migraines, and allergies and I am toast! I am taking naps now and taking vitamins to help build myself up.

    I see my Dr. on the 10-7 unless it gets worse.
    Thank you for your concern and any advice is appreciated.

  • Janet, I'm not sure how old you are, but I think I told you about all my woes before I had my hysterectomy done. (I'm 45.)

    I'm just "graduating" from my hematologist's care...I expect my December visit will be my last one. You may want to get evaluated by a hematologist with your anemia, especially if it's because of your heavy periods.
    Even though my hematocrit and hemaglobin wan't very abnormal, my platelets were a litle elevated (400-700) and I was diagnosed with very very low ferritin levels...the ( I forget the name of the cells... baby red cells, starts with an"E" ) were basically bone marrow ran out of iron stores so they had stopped producing new red cells, and every time I was getting a period, I was getting worse and worse.

    So I'd been taking iron 4 times a day for 8 months, ... and I'm doing OK. As a matter of fact, I'm taking it 2X a day now. Maybe that's what you need to have looked into. As a "blood person" you would know more about this than I would<?>.

    Also review with your doc or pharmacist WHEN during the day you should take your meds. I found out that I was taking one of my headache meds in the morning, that I should have been taking at bedtime, and it did improve my sleep! Just that simple. I also split another one into two smaller doses one AM and one PM, and that seemed to help not wire me up at night.

    And above all else GET YOUR FLU SHOTS THIS YEAR! Last year my doctor's office ran out 3 times because of the anthrax scares, and every damn fool getting in there insisting on a flu vaccine. It really made me soo angry. I ended up with the flu because I couldn't get a flu shot. I was so angry that the staff wouldn't save one for me with my asthma and fibro history. Anyway that was just a personal rant ;-) .

    I hope you do feel better soon, Janet. Michigan can get awful cold in the winter, and I hear El Nino has a nasty one in store for us.
  • Morning ladies
    It's Saturday morning around 9 am. I slept in this morn until 8. Now, of course, I hurt more than ever from laying down so long. Razzlefrats. Just can't win can we.

    Yesterday it rained and stormed all day and we had tornado warnings. We had planned on going camping but..... I've been in a tent before when there were tornados all around us, but when we set up camp it was beautiful weather. We could go set up camp this morn but it seems like a waste of time since we'd have to take it back down tomorrow night.

    Since I had the day off work yesterday and couldn't go sit up camp, I goofed off all day. The only thing I got done was the dishes. I suppose today I should endeaver to get a few more mundane chores out of the way.

    I've been using the thermalcare therapeutic heat wraps on my back when I'm at work. Don't know that they are helping any with the pain but the office is usually chilly so at least they help keep me warm. Thursday I tried one of the smaller ones on the back of my neck and that did seem to help my neck a little. I hate it when I turn my head and all I hear is cracking noises. It is so painful to turn my head that I try not to. That probably makes it stiffer.

    Anyway, it's a beautiful sun shinning day today so I'm going to try to get some things done around here. Hope everyone is having a good day. Gentle hugs.
  • Linda, I hear exactly what you are saying...

    The warmth helps me least psychologically

    Have you ever tried a chiropractor? The TENS unit really feels nice on my neck and back along with a hot pack. My chiro won't even adjust my crackily neck anymore, but he'll massage it for me.

    I can't imagine tornado warnings... how scary to have been caught in one when camping! I bet that knd of weather system wreaks havoc on your fibro.

    I have been feeling better about things here...I had two sessions of pool therspy, and I think it will be a good thing. The first day hurt A LOT afterward. The second day I was just sore. So...I think I'll be good with this!

    Anyway.. Hope you ladies contiue to do well. I'll be thinking of you.

  • Val
    I'm glad to hear that the pool therapy is working for you. If you continue to get relief over a period of time, maybe you could describe the pool therapy in detail so that I could check with my dr. to see if something like that might be available for me. The reason I said over a period of time is because some things help for a little while, and then cease to be of benefit, as we all know. I've got my fingers crossed for you that this will continue to make you feel better and better.

    Something really disappointing happened last week. In the newspaper they advertised an informational meeting about fms.
    What it ended up to be was a sales pitch for some vitamins with one lady who said she had fibromyalgia and had been on the vitamins for 1 month and was more or less cured. The man in charge called fms the latest "fad" disease. My girlfriend saw me stiffen up and thought I was gonna let loose on him but I stood up and left the room. After sitting there for an hour it took all my will power to stand up and it took more will power not to go off on that man. And he kept insisting that fms was just inflamation. I did feel sorry for the other ladies sitting there if they really do have fibromyalgia. I didn't recognize any of them and I doubt that they would ever attend an informational meeting again. I won't unless the hospital is involved. Live and learn.

    I had great hopes of accomplishing things today but all I managed to do was sleep. I guess I must have needed the rest. Maybe tomorrow will be better when it comes to energy. I've had two days of doing nothing to speak of. I guess if we would have gone camping this weekend I wouldn't have gotten anything done. Maybe mentally I've gone camping. Yeah, that sounds good. I've gone camping mentally.

    And, yes, Val, tornado weather does wreck havic on my fms. That is probably why I was wiped yesterday and today. Tornado's scare me to pieces. I usually get in the stairway closet and try to get my 3 schnauzers in there with me. If they come in willingly, then I do get hysterical. We don't have a basement to go to or I'd be there. I can remember as a child getting under a big heavy dining room table. I kid everyone with I'll be under my computer desk, which is big and heavy, with my computer. They all know I'm in the stairway closet looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

    I tried a chiropractor once but he wasn't informed on fms and he rubbed me the wrong way, pardon the pun, and I came flying off the table and never went back. Then I went to a massage therapist and she wasn't informed either and after going there for over a month twice a week, and feeling worse, I stopped that, too. Guess I'm just a woose. Maybe I just can't get through the painful stage to get to the yes, that feels better stage. I know we all have different thresholds for pain and the older I get, the thinner mine is.

    Oh dear, I've rambled on and on. Hope everybody has a restfull evening. Gentle hugs.
  • Hello everyone! Gentle hugs to every too! I just wanted to check in with everyone and see how you all are doing?

    I am feeling better finally...a few headaches but much better...body aches are down and stomach finally settled down...pain makes my stomach roll...even the smell of food is awful..

    I am trying not to over all know how that is..overdue one day and pay for it the next 3!

    It has been raining so much here...way too much rain for Sept. Sure would be nice to see the sun and dry ground again. It is cool too. Furnace is running alot, it has been getting down to 40 at night.

    Take Care everyone...have a great weekend!
    P.S. Anyone doing anything FUN???

  • I'm sorry to say, still not feeling so hot here either. Therapy is workin gas far as getting me more flexibility, but I'm so exhausted from it. The weather hasn't been helping, cool and damp lately, ans allergies ahve been kicking in too. The antibiotics for the strep did a number on my tummy, so I stopped taking them, and now I'm not sure what I want to do about how I'm feeling. I guess I'll be forrlowing up with the doc about this headache soon. Yesterday I had a tic in my right eye all day...but today it was gone, so at least I know I'm not strokin gout or anything.

    I have ben extra weepy and depressed lately. I wonder if that has anyting to do with the weather or the firbo or whatever. I can't blame it on hormones, since i had the hysterectomy!

    Oh well... I have a wedding on Saturday, for my husband's cousin. A two hour drive out there, and a two hour lag between the wedding and the reception. I hate that, especially when they don't make accomodations for their guests. And the reception hall is only 6 miles from hte church, so it's not like you can kil any time in the traveling. I have fantasies about not going to either the ceremony or the reception just so I don't have to sit around for an extra two hours, with my kids and everyone who isn't in the wedding party in a parking lot twiddleing my thumbs whlie the bride gets her pictures taken. It's just rude. She wantsto be part of the ****tail party. Sheesh! If she wants to be part of the party then just have the photos taken after the reception or before the church!.. sheesh! It's not like they haven't been living together! So I don't think there would be any bad luck involved in seeing eachother before the ceremony, considering they are leaving for the church from the same address!!!

    Ok,,I got that off my chest. It's just going to be a n awfull looonnngg day for me!

    So any of you guys going to have any fun?
  • Wowo talk abaout fibro fog...lokk at how badly I typed that last post..I'd better go to bed now! LOLOL!

  • easy cleaning
    Hi stitcher45 and Hie everybody,

    I've got some easy suggestions to help you clean your bath, when you feel tired and down but yet you know that getting into a nice clean tub will make you feel better!
    I fill up the tub with water and pour some chlore in it , or some ajax with not to strong an odour and let te tub soak all night or a few hours! Then I bought a long brush or broom so not to bend over and beleive me my tub is sparkling and I clean most evrything that way!
    I pour salt and vinegar in my toilets regularly, I clean and wipe the tiles with vinegar and my long dear friend!
    Even If I drop something on the floor and can't reach some days it happens...I use another broom or stick to pick up things.
    Hope this can help,
    Hang in there, God Bless you and all of you sharing your thoughts with us.
  • Vera,

    What a simple, and wonderful suggestion! A long brush and letting things soak..Tres magnifique.merci beaucoup!.lol!

    I know what you mean about using two long brooms to pick an item up off the floor. I have done this many times. I used to do something similar when I played tennis, with the racquet and the side of my foot...that was how I was taught to pick up the tennis balls. ..

    Thanks for the reminder, and for putting up for my use of seventh grade Fench