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  • How is Everyone?
    Well, thought I would check in and see how you ladies are doing...I am still under the weather, fibro got its grip on me right now. Drats!!! Here it is after midnight and I can't get to sleep. I was so tired all day but fought I can't!!!! lol

  • Janet it sounds like we are in the same boat with our fribo. I have never hurt so much and not be able to find any relief. I can't sleep at night but want to sleep all day. Makes my dh upset because he is worried about me. Today it was so bad that the tought of killing myself come to mind but it was only momentary that is part of my mental illness that I have suicidal tendences - I have tried in the past but know now that it is just a part of my illness and wor through the thoughts.

    Glad to see you even if it is just for a moment. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Stitcher45, Good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. Still hanging in there with this blasted illness. I think the part I hate most is when you are feeling good then all of a sudden it is back with a fury! I just feel like a large truck hit me. Wish I had a magic wand to wave over everyone to cure us.
    I know what you mean about this pain and struggling with it does tend to bring a person down, and it is a struggle for me too!I am even too tired to eat..and having a queasy stomach doesn't help. But as they goes on and I am trying to get through each day the best I can.
    I wish they could find a cure on this disease, I know they are working on medication to help lessen the symptons but not fast enough for me. How long have you had Fibro? I was officially diagnosed in 1994.

  • Janet I was diagnosed in 1986. My was a constant fight between my family doctor and my rheum-- until I just quit going to the Rheum. I just suffered quietly and carried on as best I could. Then 2 years ago I was sent to the Pain clinic for the pain in my knees and back from "arthur" and while there they again diagnosed me with fibro. They started me on Vioxx and another drug - I had a reaction to the other drug so we decided to just stick with the Vioxx. It helps but I ran out of it a couple months ago and haven't had the money to pay the co-pay to get it refilled. That is one reason why I am suffering so right now along with the great stress I am under with money and family problems.

    I have not slept at all last night. Don't know wheither to just try and stay awake or to go to bed now that everyone is gone. Staying awake all day does not seem to make a difference on wheither I sleep that night or not. It is raining so I know I would go to sleep but probably would only sleep a short time. There are so many things I need to get done, esp the kitchen and the dishes. Need to clean the bathroom too -I have put off cleaning the bathtub for weeks now - it hurts to bend over the side and to reach across and scrub.

    I hope you are doing better today. That you have a pain free day with sunshine and fun.

    btw I loved the discription of chasing you dog with the clisker and the hot dog. I had a good laugh over it. ;-)

  • Stitcher45, So sorry that you are in pain too...and the stress of not having enough money...I have been there too! Can you get samples from your Doctor? Just tell them your budget is tight.

    Sounds like we are in the same boat with this sleeping I just go to bed whenever I am sleepy. I have had another night with almost 4 hours of sleep, if something wakes me up..that's it..I am up! Hate that!!! Beig exhausted is such a pain...I canceled out of my luncheon meeting..I just feel fried! So tired and brain is fried! lol

    Yeah, my dog keeps me busy when she bolts away..she wants you to chase her...then she stops for you to catch up and runs again...what a habit to break..especially when she will only come to me. My neighbors must think I never get dressed...I am always in pj's.

    Going to head back to bed. Don't worry about your will keep till you feel better. Take Care.

  • Stitcher...

    As far as meds go, there are also programs sponsored by the drug companies for people who can't afford the meds. I'll have to search for the web sites. I think it's Try that. Maybe yourdoctor could help you apply for that, and If not, then if he/she requested samples regularly, there'd be enough for you on a regular basis till you're back on your feet financially. '

    Just ask the doc. You have nothing to loose.


    Well ladies, I had my first physical therapy session in the pool today. It was easier than moving around on dry land, but I know I'm going to be one sore puppy tonight. It's the most activity I've had in a solid month.

    The therapist was very nice. I think we'll get along fine, except that I can't remember her name! She is from Russia, and she repeated her name 3 times and I still could not get my poor brain to wrap around the unfamiliar sound. So I finally just gave up and smiled a "nice to meet you" greeting.

    It's the fibro...I'm usually very good with accents and names.

    Anyway, I'm struggling to stay awake here. I have strep throat, and I want a little TLC and can't wait for bedtime.ZzzzZzzz.

    Catch ya later~

    Val ( I'm napping behind those shades)
  • Lifestar, Glad to hear your aqua therapy is pleasing. It will be amazing how much better you will feel after a few visits. I was injured on the job...slipped on the ice and landed with my 12inch thick blood drawing kit under my ribs...fractured them and was off for about 1 month...what misery, I couldn't even look down at the floor or ease into a sitting position...finally I was sent to therapy and after 7 visits in a row...I felt wonderful again! The good thing was that my kit saved my head from crashing into the pavement. Our rural hospitals are not equipped for head injuries and they have to transport you 100 miles. As it was I laid in the icy driveway for 10 mins till I came around and drove myself to the ER. Gee...that's a hospital employee for you! Nuts!!

    Take Care,
  • Feeling Bad
    My goodness, we are all having bad days. I'm having my worst day in a long time. I think my head is gonna split open from the pain, my whole body has pins and needles, my stomach is on such a roll, my vision is blurred, I ache from head to toe. And reading your posts it sounds like you are all in such pain, too, and so much exhaustion. It's after 8 and I took all my meds, gonna go lay down before I fall down. Just wanted you all to know I'm thinking about you and will say a little prayer for all of us. Gentle hugs.
  • Sending you a gentle hug too, Ladyinmaille,

    Hope you get to feeling better too...must be all the changes in weather???? All I want to do is sleep, sleep, I guess I must need it!

    I am praying for all of us too!

    Take care

  • Hugs to everyone. Janet, you haven't been feeling well for quite a while, right? Since your mamogram? Don't put off calling your doc if you don't feel better soon, OK?

    Sometimes I wonder If the combination of all the meds we take make us feel worse sometimes. I think I'll have to review some of those side-effect inserts that come with my perscriptions to see if maybe I could be suffering from symptoms caused by my own medications!

    I dunno...

    Anyway, I hope you are all feeing better soon

    Love, Val