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  • Does anyone here have any type of neuoropathy??
  • My DH has neuropathy in His legs it is very painful. He is also Diabetic.
  • Sueanne,
    Yes, it is very painful!!!! Does anything at all he does ease the pain a little???
  • My dad was given a pill called Nuerontin for his neurapathy. I don't know if it worked for him or not. Neuropathy is nothing to mess with.
  • Yep, Neurontin is what I take. 3600mg. daily.
  • My husband and I both have it. It causes severe shooting pain and sometimes a feeling of having a hot poker going through the area where you have it. I have it in my toes which caused hammer toes, also very painful and the arch of my feet and my fingers. What I have is Periferal( sp ) Neuropathy. Which means they don't know why I have it. I'm not diabetic. Because I also have Fibromyalgia. I am on Lyrica for both. I think Lyrica is like a miracle. I could hardly function before. That is why I had to retire. My Husband has it in his legs and feet. He takes Neurotin. He is a Diabetic Type ll.
  • DH was taking neurotin but He found it was dulling his senses. Made Him feel slower and would get dizzy if He got up to fast.
    He is doing just as well without it.
    Keeping blood levels between 130 - 150 keeps the pain down too.
    So far have not heard anyone finding the perfect pill.
  • shirl, PLEASE check your husbands feet on a daily basis. That is where all my dads problems started, him not checking his feet daily.
  • shirl, Idiopathic PolyNeuoropathy is my diagnosis. I tried Lyrica and had an allergic reaction to it so that is how I am now taking Neurontin. It does make u tired. Thank God I am not a diabetic. Just like every other disease that people have, u have good days and u have bad days. I am in PT 3x a week but nothing seems 2 help it. My hands aren't as bad as my feet but it is something that I just have 2 deal with. Very painful at times indeed!!!!
  • sueanne,
    I sure do wish that their was a "perfect" pill!!