anger and health

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  • Do you think it is true that there is a correlation between anger and developing chronic diseases, high blood pressure, and headaches, ulcers, etc......

    What is a good balance between, say, taking a chill pill and expressing anger in a healthy way?

    hugs, train
  • I think ( just my opinion ) that anger and attitude have a direct effect on all of it..
    worrying or being angry about things doesnt change them.. just makes you feel bad.. so why waste the energy when you can do something fun instead. having just had cancer and it changes the way you think about lots of things.. and anger and worry are two big ones.. not worth it. if it doesnt change my house payment or my light bill or take food off my table.. who cares... old saying.. look at the dogs.. (and this is a quote)_ "if you cant eat it or hump it, piss on it and move on".. truer than we realize.. besides it makes me smile when I think about it.
  • You know you have to be able to pick what you can be mad about.Some stuff you aren't going to be able to change but you can change your reaction to it.I try to find the humor in alomost everything that I can.
  • buried anger can cause depression and we all know how our bones and joints ache when we are feeling down and out
  • I think anger and depression has a lot to do with illness. I try to get all my bad feelings out in the open so I'm not dwelling on them.

    I always get a stomach ache when I'm upset.

    I'm not good with sticking up for myself but I'm learning. And I think that's a healthy thing.

    I also try to get some kind of exersize in and try to stay away from negative people as they can really wear you down.
  • All very good points about anger.
  • Thanks for all your responses. Ellen, you hit it on the head!
    I do have a lot of unresolved anger and that causes depression and I think that is causing all these health problems I am accumalating.
    I know i will be alright once I get my motivation back up but, meanwhile, it's difficult.

    hugs, train
  • Train
    What about starting a journal to write down your feelings that way you can vent in a safe non harmful situation.

    I've found at least for me writing feelings down helps get it out and also helps get things straight in my mind.

    I too get a sore stomach and diarrhia when I hold in my hurt and upset feelings.

    I know the doctors, etc. are saying that stress causes all kinds of health issues and causes you to not lose weight. I'm a stress eater so it's twice as bad for my weight.

  • Stress does alot of bad stuff for us.Writing it down does seem to help me out too.Just depends on how mad I get.But I know I am an emotional eater too.
  • I have been doing a lot of writing the past few weeks and that is helping.
    Also, we are going to buy a punching bag, something I have wanted to get for a couple years. I bought a kickboxing tape, for me, a form of exercise (which I am SUPPOSED to be doing) and a good way to get rid of my aggression.

    hugs, train