Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • Quote: What do you like best about your dog?
    O gee! Everything!! She's beautiful and enthusiastic, and still very adolescent. When I put her cape and Gentle-Leader on her, she gives that teen-age : UUUUUUUHooooooom groan! She makes me laugh! She works hard when she's working, but she doesn't like "changing states" as it were. Just like a teenager!

    She "does business" on command. No accidents. And the things she picks up for me!! My keys, my cane, my cellphone. all that stuff that I talk about on my blog.

    Happy for your daughter! Which organization did she get her's from?

  • We bought Stuie. He is a peanut detector dog (www.peanutdog.com) He was very $$$$. We are in debt up to our eyeballs. But he has given dd her life back. She is able to eat out, go almost anywhere. Stuie checks out everything before dd touches it. He sits and points if he smells a allergin. He is trained for eleven different allergiens. Dd does want to train him to help her with other things due to her JRA. She will be emailing you today!

    I am so happy for you!
  • I am happy for both Jasmine and Elizabeth. God is good.
  • I'm baaack - at least for now!
    Hi folks~ Greetings from the chilly SE! Today it's finally gotten up to 43, and some of the snow is melting, but tonight it will go down to 23 again, and everything will refreeze making streets hazardous tomorrow AM.

    Well, looks like it's been over a year since I was on here last! I'm embarrassed! But it's been a busy year and a half!

    Hubby had another angioplasty with stent placement (his third) and did not do well. He is still recovering and having medication changes.

    My RA is progressing - which means I'm regressing in my abilities to do things, and Emmy has developed major allergies. Medication for her hits the budget MAJORLY.

    Hubby lost his job - there's a LOT of that going around these days, and prayers are going up at this household for all who are out of jobs! He was blessed by God in finding a new job within 2 months - BEFORE we used up the last of his severance package. He mostly gets to work from home and as a result I get a lot of help for my personal care.

    Hope all are well. Prayers for those who are not!

    I'll try to get back soon, but balancing the typing of my reports and my excessive e-mail lists and fora is difficult. I end up copy-pasting one post to several places to avoid too much strain on finger, wrists and elbows!

    Attached are three pics of Emmy, my wonderful, wonderful service dog! First, nudging on the light switch on the wall - great for when my shoulders or elbows don't let me lift my arms. Second, retrieving my dropped cane. Third, retrieving my dropped keys. And she enjoys doing all this! Just WOW!!

    I'll write again as soon as I can!


  • Happy Valentine's Day to all. I was a Valentine from April of '55 till I remarried July of '87.
    Nice to see you back here Elizabeth have missed you. Your dog is so pretty and I am happy for you that she is such a blessing to/for you
  • bumping back up.
    Plus I just learned that I have RA,
    can one have RA and fibro?
    My mother had RA, and it seems I will follow behind her now.
    it is amazing how the weather can effect it and some days I feel ok, and other days I hurt so bad. Sort of like if I am caught in 2 bodies ( if that makes sense) so I want to learn more about RA.
    I know I'm learning why my mother hurt on some days and not on others, and why she would take so much aspirin for.. she was trying to ease the pain.
    thankful they do know more RA than what they did back then.
  • My neighbor has Fibro, RA & Asthma. She has to get IV therapy every so often. I feel so bad for her. And I feel bad for you too Bar-Bar. Take care of you
  • thanks Patti, thanks goodness my is not that bad yet compare to many. We have one lady at our church has had RA since she was in her 30's and she is now in her 70's. Her RA dr is giving her shots of chemo to help her. So far so good, but she is now bruising from it. If this doesn't help she may have to take chemo the regular way. She said that her dr said if she had been with a good RA back then she may not have had it this bad.

    What bothers me is my feet in the mornings, the shoulder that was messed up, and where some old scars are from past surgeries. strange as it may sound.
    I stay tired more often and get out of breathe real easy.
    Gloria and I both think I may have fibo, but the dr doesn't say nothing about it, even with me brining it up to him.
    Of course we have found out that I have thyroid problems now along with being low in Vit B12. I'm on meds now for both along with my RA.

    I can remember John used to say, that it was like the light switch got turned off one day in a blink of time. I so agree with him now on that. it just happened over night it seemed.. Oh well that 's life for you.. LOL
  • Good RA Information
    Oh, Gee! I've been soooo remiss in following my own sub-topic!

    Fibro sometimes goes along with RA. When it does, it is hard to tell at first when your fibro is flaring or if it is an RA flare. For fibro flares, we exercise, but for RA flares, we shouldn't. Exercising a joint flared with RA can lead to major joint damage. Read that last sentence 3 times!! The other thing to remember with RA: If a joint hurts don't exercise it! You can move it through range of motion some, but if the pain increases, don't.

    For those who are NOT on a DMARD or on a Biologic, ask your Rheum doc why not. These are drugs which reduce the intensity of the disease - and can even put it into remission. RA needs to be treated aggressively as soon as detected.

    I have found a wonderful website/blog for information about RA:
    Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior | Bringing information & encouragement to fight RA

    RA 101 from RA Warrior:
    Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior | RA Education | Basic Rheumatoid Arthritis Information

    I highly recommend it to anyone who has RA at any stage of the disease.

    Other links:
    Doctors? understanding of rheumatoid disease does not align with patients? experiences | BMJ

    There is a LOT of stuff "out there" on the web. Not all are reliable, many do not provide valid information. As a PhD nurse, I will only post links to pages that give good information. Among the medical pages I recommend these from Mayo Clinic:
    Mayo Clinic - Rheumatoid Arthritis and Heart Disease: Mayo Clinic Studies Shed Light on Dangerous Connection
    Steps to Reduce Arthritis Wrist Pain
    Mayo Clinic - Steps to Reduce Arthritis Wrist Pain
    IMPORTANT: Complications of RA:
    Rheumatoid arthritis: Complications - MayoClinic.com

    National Institute of Medicine:
    Rheumatoid lung disease - National Library of Medicine - PubMed Health
    Drug Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Comparative Effectiveness - National Library of Medicine - PubMed Health

    Now that I have done my bit to overload you with information, I'll quietly sign off for now!

  • DMARD or on a Biologic....... I need to look these up. Jasmine's RA is getting worse in her hands. When we talked about other meds the side effects were possible cancer 20 years down the line. Glad you brought this up as Jasmine sees her doctor next week.