Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • My dd is using turmeric for inflamation. It is working. Somedays better than others but it is working. She was on Celebrex for two years and it did nothing. She switched to another rx but it upset her stomach so much we tried using lemon balm tea then turmeric. Her range of motion is getting better also. I think I posted here about dd giving up corn and how it has helped. She quit eating white potatoes for a while but there wasn't a change. Strange since most people react with white potatoes. For therapy, dd beads. She makes necklaces and bracelets. She loves it. She is making so much I think she needs to sell some of it. Stress will trigger flares and problems. Wind bothers dd more than anything. So does AC. In the summer dd still wears jeans, if she wears shorts or capris, and AC is on, she is in pain.
  • It's great that turmeric is working somewhat for your DD! Here's hoping it continues to work. I loved Vioxx - before "they" took it off the market. Even with the cardiac risks, I would take it now - it worked better than almost anything else I had tried. Celebrex didn't do "squat" for me! LOL!!

    Many people find that more natural remedies do good things for them. The only problem with any remedy, prescriptive or "natural," is that with RA, Lupus, fibromyalgia and other "flaring and remitting" diseases, it is really hard to determine if the remedy is actually "working" or using it is "coincidental" with a remission. As remissions can last a fairly long time, it is easy to attribute the remission to the remedy.
    Also, if the medical caregiver gives lots of support and attention to the patient, remedies seem to work better! This is sometimes called the "placebo effect," but I'm convinced that the emotional / spiritual / psychological areas have not been explored nearly enough. I know from personal experience that if my DH lightly rubs an area that is "flaring," the flare will subside. Doesn't work for anyone else to rub it.

    Hope your DD continues to have good results and that her abilities and activities will continue to expand.


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  • Our neighbor loved his Vioxx, celebrex doesn't work as well for him.

    Dd has been on lemon balm tea ( I grow it ) and turmeric since last summer. She still has days are are tough so no remission yet. I have noticed when we are having problems with ds1 dd will have more problems so yep, stress doesn't help.
  • New Drug Approved for RA
    The FDA has approved Rituxan for the treatment of RA that has not responded well to methotrexate alone. It is used in conjunction with methotrexate.


    Hope this finds you doing well. Keep those joints moving!!


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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA)
    I have Ra and have for about 10 years now I can not take any of the meds as it makes me sick. I can not stand the cold and I dont use the ac we use fans my hubby does have a ac and if he needs to he can go to the other bedroom to sleep. I also take a lot of hot baths that helps and I walk a lot and I do go bowling 2x a week so far I am ok But you never know when its going to hit.
  • Hi Bunny -

    So sorry none of the drugs are tolerable for you! I'm fortunate in that I can take Methotrexate and Plaquenil and that they currently are helping. However, I'm starting to have some mild renal problems (increased values on certain lab tests) and may have to either reduce dosage or eliminate the Methotrexate. My SIL is unable to tolerate any of the drugs, either. She is on prednisone, and it is making her very bloated, but she's able to tolerate it so far. She is in very bad shape, with one hand that is now totally useless (her right, of course, and she's right-handed) and the other that is getting that way.

    I would not be able to bowl at all - can't pick up the ball! Can't even pick up a duck-pin ball anymore!

    Some people's RA progresses much more slowly than others', and vice versa - some people's RA progresses much more rapidly than others'. My hands and feet have so many tender, swollen joints, I think I would take nearly anything to reduce the pain and swelling.

    Keeping moving seems to be a big part of remaining functional. I go to the pool 2-5 times a week (depending on work volume) and am now working a bit with DH's Bowflex (on very low resistance). I stretch out and go through "range of motion" in all joints at least twice a day - often more - especially in joints that are more painful or stiff that day.

    Keep moving!


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  • One of the editors of Suddenly Senior has developed Multiple Myeloma, a form of blood cancer, but not one of the leukemias.

    She included this in the latest edition of their newsletter, and I thought I'd pass it along:

    = = = = =

    This fork in the road is just a fork. Because, you see, Life is a Cabaret, old chum.


    Cancer (RA) is so limited....
    It cannot cripple Love
    It cannot shatter Hope
    It cannot corrode Faith
    It cannot destroy Peace
    It cannot kill Friendship
    It cannot suppress Memories
    It cannot silence Courage
    It cannot invade the Soul
    It cannot steal Eternal Life
    It cannot conquer the Spirit.

    = = = = =

    This applies to many of the acute and chronic health problems that affect us one way or another. I'm putting this in my "affirmations and jokes" file. Why "affirmations and jokes?" Because I not only want to think positive thoughts, but because I believe laughter truly is one of the best medicines around. So I keep them together.

    To all of you, my love!


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  • Dd is on prednisone now. A small dose. We will see what happens. I really hate that drug. the side effects are nasty. I will do some research on other meds since I can not okay keeping dd on prednisone.
  • Check out the post at:

    I tell a little about Emmy, my service dog! She is helping me sooooo much!

    Also have a blog about living with a service dog.
  • OH, I am sending this link to my dd. She recieved a service dog this summer. She has been wanting to chat with someone else who has a service dog!

    What do you like best about your dog?