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ditzy46 08-29-2006 03:32 PM

I was diagnozed with HBP when I turned 44. I was sick with the flu and when I was better my pressure stayed high. I now take Alltace and HCDZ(I can't spell it let alone pronounce it. My pressure has been stable for about 6 yrs now. My pills are very expensive..the alltace is $67 and the other ones are only $7 a month. My doc gives me free samples that last about 4 months. I have my pressure checked every week. Ladies ask your physicians if they have any samples of your could save you a lot of money. Believe me it helps as I have no insurance.

Bettan 08-29-2006 05:10 PM

My hubby takes Procardia XL. He has use it for years keeps his blood pressure normal.
Be sure if you smoke to quit and keep the weight down. That is really very important.

Coll 08-29-2006 05:51 PM

ditzy it is spelled hydrochlorothiazide HCTZ. I sat here one day decipering the word until i got it right. LOL. Maddie asked me what it was foor, since it is sometimes called a water pill I told her it is to make me pee. What a laugh that was.

AnnaInOhio 08-30-2006 04:16 AM


I use to take HCTZ along with the Univasc till they got mine under control enough to drop it. Dh takes it now along with Altace and K-Dur which is a potassium supplement.

Altace is pricey here too but with our insurance only $30.00 a month cheaper than my Univasc.


ditzy46 08-30-2006 04:36 AM

Yep Coll...that's See, I even had the letters bad. And yes it is a water pill and does make you pee. I take it with my alltace because the alltace alone does not control my HBP. I have such a low tolerance to any kind of drugs they had a hard time of prescribing the dosage for me. But now it is ok. I have quit smoking 3yrs ago and I do a lot of walking now that I don't have a car. My doc says that the walking lowers my pressure just as much as my pills. I am just trying to get my eating and weight under control..not and easy task at 52. I don't use salt. I season a lot of things with garlic powder and other seasonings.

jrztomato 08-30-2006 04:49 AM

I use a lot of garlic powder also...tried using the Mrs. Dash products but I don't care for them..would rather have no seasoning...
I can't take a diuretic because of my kidneys...Ironically I wouldn't have kidney problems if it wasn't for an rx..After I had my triple by-pass I was put on Enalapril.when my bp starting zooming toward the sky even though they kept increasing the dosage..I ended up in the hospital...the test showed that the Enalapril was shutting down my kidneys and causing the cortex to I now have only 50% useage of each one..went for bw last Wed. (which I do often) and will find out the results on Friday..(would have found out today but they closed the office because of the anticipated hurricane)...the last test showed that the degeneration wasn't any worse..I pray that this last bw will also have the same results...

cat lover 08-30-2006 05:45 AM

My DH and I both were diagnosed with HBP after his accident 6 years ago; we were told the stress brought it on. We both take Atenolol. It has worked well for us both even me with asthma; it is a beta blocker which sometimes doesn't work well with asthma.
Anyway my point about this one is the cost. I can't get medical insurance because of my health conditions so I have to pay myself. I have the doctor write our prescriptions for a full 365 tablets filled at once. The pills will keep this long in a controlled environment. By doing this and paying myself ( no insurance involved to say I'm only allowed 30 or 90 tablets at one time; which keeps the cost up) We paid $58 and some odd cents for each 1 year of HBP medicine! Back when I did have insurance I was only allowed 30 days at a time and had to pay $20.00 co payment each 30 days; so by doing that the same amount of pills cost me $240.00 vs $58 for the same thing bought at one time!

Maybe someone else can benefit the way we do this on several of my DH medications. By working with the doctor and checking cost at three different pharmacies we end up paying much less most of the time by not using DH's insurance that he has on his presciptions. It takes some time to check into and as long as you explain the cost savings to your doctor most of them will work with you; half the time the doctors have no idea what the medications they are prescribing cost. Good Luck!

jrztomato 08-30-2006 05:53 AM

I have been taking Atenolol since 1992 when I had my first heart is good for bp and angina..
I only have a 2.00 co-oay on this med..(compared to a 59.+ on Plavix)..but you could also save if he/she would put that you need it 2-3 x a day instead of would then get double the amt. for the same copay...I went from 50mg to 25 mg 2 x a day and now 25mg lx a day..I still had refills coming on the old ones so took them and cut the 50's in half and then the 25's once a day..of course when these run out I will have to get new ones and am sure they will be accurate..but this is the cheapest one I take so it won't be a problem....

roisindubh 02-01-2007 09:07 AM

My bp is okay, but my dh has malignant hbp. At his doctor's office last month, it was 306/262! The med tech told him that he'd set a new record for their office. Not the sort you brag about.... :eek: His doc wanted to send him straight to the hospital, but dh was worried that we'd never be able to pay the part of the hospital bill not covered by insurance. I hadn't gone with him, so the first I knew about what was going on was when he got home. Yes, he drove himself! That's the weird thing about him (all right, just one of 'em! LOL) He can have a bp (or blood sugar level, for that matter, since he's also a bad diabetic) that would knock someone else flat on their back and he still keeps going. I call him my "Energizer Bunny"... or my miracle man, since he seems to keep defying the odds. As you can imagine, he really worries me, but, although he's on several bp meds, nothing really seems to help. A lot of his problem seems to be stress, but telling him to try to relax isn't much help. If nothing else, he worries about his health. Then there are worries about his kids back in WA, his parents whose health's not good either, trying to live on a fixed income, etc. Everyone suggests that he needs a hobby or some other outlet to help him chill, but his health won't let him do the things he enjoys the most anymore. I'm frustrated (and scared), so I can only imagine how he must feel. Sorry to vent, but this is one of the things most on my mind these days.

cat lover 02-01-2007 09:51 AM

roisindubh, good luck with your DH's blood pressure! I've never heard of any that high!

A hobby might help some; isnm't there something he enjoys doing that can relax him otherwise if he doesn' want ot get into a hobby? Maybe you and he could take long walks together; that can be relaxing too! Be areful and take care!

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