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  • How is everyone doing???

    I am finding with the cold and rain we are having Fibro is acting up..

    I also noticed this when it was muggy one day.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Hugs, Janet

  • I have been miserable.
    It has been cloudy, but hot here in Central Florida and yesterday afternoon it rained.
    I've spent so much time in bed the last three days.
  • Hello mammajigglypuff!

    How long have you been a sufferer of this non-curable disease?

    I am over 10yrs since I was diagnosed..

    Do you have any other illnesses like thyroid disease? Just curious for it seems like alot of illnesses over lap..

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    Today was a rough day for me again.

    Hugs, Janet

  • I had it for years and I have no thyroid problems.
    I do suffer from depression I was born with a chemical imbalance, I have arthritis,IBS,peptic ulcer,migrains,heart prolapses and PACs,I have alot of damage to the nerves and muscles in my neck and back.
    I think alot has to do with the fact that my Mother had Hepatitis when she got pregnant with me.
    The Dr. told my Father not to get her pregnant but he did it anyway, because noone was going to tell him what to do and now 43 years later I'm still paying for it.
    I hope you have a great week.
  • Lisa,
    I am so sorry about the damage you inherited, and I do really believe that everyone comes into this life with a purpose..and with others learning what you have had to deal with, live with..will in some way help them to carry their own cross more bravely..

    You are an inspiration to others!

    Thank you for being you!

    Hugs, Janet

  • Thank you.
    I try to educate as many people as possible about Fibro and my other illneses.
    Most people don't realize who bad Fibro is.
    In my opinion it's similar to a cancer eating away at our bodies. I just tell people that it's a disease that attacks your body.
    At least with cancer people are more understanding, but with Fibro people just look at you like you're a Hypocondriac.
  • Lisa, how true! With Fibro, it is an invisible illness..basically we look okay..but inside we are dealing with chronic pain and disturbed sleep...I am amazed how some medical doctors do not believe in Fibro..and to them I say, you need a turn experiencing this for yourself...maybe they will become compassionate in their doctoring???

  • Arthritis
    Hi, I do not have fibromyalgia but there's wasn't a joint in my body that didn't hurt up until a year ago. To make a long story short I had a radical hysterectomy due to rare benign teratomas and I lost over 20 pounds during surgery and several pounds after surgery. This sudden weight loss caused my liver to begin storing fat and I was getting sick on an off until I finally found out this was being caused by my liver. I've handled show horses and dogs most of my life and my body has taken a beating and at 45 years old my joints were pretty much shot just from over use and of course age! However I noticed several posts on fibromylagia that stated arthritis pain was an issue also with the disease. In researching how to make my liver better I found that the Mayo Clinic suggested using omega 3 and milk thistle as there is nothing else that really can be done for fatty liver disease. I have no idea what this combination I take 2 times a day is doing for my liver except I no longer get sick but in 2 days after beginning both supplements together I have absolutely zero joint pain. If anyone was to tell me that any supplement would take my joint pain away I would have told them they were nuts but the omega 3 and milk thistle did just that. I take omega-3 made by natrol available at eckards drug store and I take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm and I take milk thistle made by rite aid drugs 200 mg and I take 2 in am and 2 in pm. I have not had any arthritis pain since taking these pills at all. Omega 3 is suggested for heart health and milk thistle is suggested for liver and it states that right on the bottles. No where does it say for arthritis so I don't know how it works but the combination cured me of serious joint pain. I used to take 5mgs of valium with 800mgs of motrim just to dull the pain so I could do my work. So I just thought I'd mention it in case it may help someone here with arthritis pain. I do not know how other brands will work so that's why I gave the brands I use that did work. It is worth noting that it must be omega 3 for livers not omega 6 or 9 as they are different in chemistry which is why I bought the omega 3 to begin with. I have not taken any pain meds since I've been on this combination. I am hoping that this combination may help someone else.
  • Insurancelady,

    Thanks for the news about what is working for you...I already take the Omega 3...but didn't know about the milk makes sense..

    Funny thing, I have been reading up on fatty liver disease..there is not alot of conclusive reports on it...

    It is fabulous that you have found relief for your pain..and I agree taking a supplement is a better way to go..

    I am going to try the milk thistle..

    Hugs, Janet
  • Janet
    Hi, No, there is not alot written on fatty liver disease or really what it can be referred to is non alcoholic fatty liver disease. If there were medicines I could take to cure it I would but there is nothing. This conditions is seen frequently in people that drink and if they stop drinking the disease usually does not progress. But in my case it was a side effect of my surgery. Every couple of months I would get violently ill for maybe 12 hours for no reason and it would take about 3 days for the pain to go away in my upper right side after one of these attacks. I had no clue what was going on and I knew my gallbladder was fine. I had my doctor order an ultrasound of that region so I could see the situation. At this point I was almost convinced that either a tumor had grown back or they left a sponge in me from surgery and the doctor kept telling me it was nothing but probably just all my intestines still finding their way back into place. I was a nurse many years ago and I was not buying that line because if they were not back in place over a year later they were not going back at all. Sure enough there was now fat in the liver. Comparing the ultrasound and cat before surgery vs after surgery there was no fat pre. op. So now I research the new problem and it took me about 5 minutes to learn that fatty liver disease is very common after having major abdominal surgery especially after a significant weight loss from surgery. Bingo! I qualify for that one as they cut me from about 5 inches above my navel down to my pubic bone to get the tumors out so not only did I lose alot of weight on the table but as every organ was finding its way back into place for a couple of months I didn't feel much like eating after surgery either! I usually use the Mayo Clinic online health site to check on certain conditions for insurance and that's where I found the omega 3 and milk thistle. I have not had an espisode of being sick with wicked pain in the liver area since and having no pain in my joints was just a very pleasant unexpected benefit. I hope it works for your pain also!