Spider Cupcakes

  • Spider Cupcakes

    1 Bag of Thin Pretzels (Pounder Size)
    12 Chocolate Cupcakes (Store bought or homemade) with Chocolate Frosting
    Chocolate Sprinkles
    1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows
    1 Bag Mini Candy Coated Chocolate Candies

    Servings 12

    Dip cupcake in chocolate sprinkles.
    Use top halves of Pretzels for Legs. Score with knife and then break apart as indicated by the dotted lines. You'll need eight per cupcake.
    Flatten two mini marshmallows and attach as eyes.
    Finish with two mini candies for the eyes and one for the nose.
    Repeat for remaining cupcakes, eat and enjoy!
  • mmmmm. These sound great!! I wish someone would post pics of the end result.