Halloween Scavenger Hunt Idea

  • Last year at our Library I had a Scavenger Hunt for 3rd thru 8th graders. They went to different houses collecting items on a list.

    This year I would like to do another hunt, but use a new twist. My plan is to get community volunteers to be my scavenger hunt houses (we live in a small community so this will work in my area). Instead of collecting items on a list the kids will have to find the right houses and collect pieces to a puzzle. The kids will be broken up into teams. Each team will receive a clue at the library to start their hunt. At each house on their hunt they will receive a puzzle piece and a clue to the next place. The last clue will bring them back to the library for the final puzzle piece. The first team to get back and solve their puzzle will be the winners.
    The idea of collecting puzzle pieces makes it easier for the community volunteers. They will only have to hand the team an envelope, which I will provide ahead of time, with the next clue and the puzzle piece in it. I am hoping to get enough volunteers that each team will go to different houses.
    I know that the kids who did the scavenger hunt last year loved it and begged to do it again.
  • I loved scavenger hunts when I was younger. We did one at a girl friend's house at her sleepover.We went door to door & tried to get the stuff on the list. Your way sounds easier than trying to have people find stuff for you.
    I love the fact that it is sponsored by your library. Our library does really neat things for the kids but no scavenger hunts. I don't have young kids anymore but I may suggest it to one of the librarians who works with the young adults. Sounds like fun.