What types of treats do you hand out for Trick or Treating?

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View Poll Results: What types of treats do you hand out for Trick or Treating?
hard candies
popcorn balls
coupons for Mc D's, Burger King, Wendy's, videos..etc
stickers, pencils, spider rings...etc.
drinks--huggies, juice boxes, mini cans of soda..etc
something else--please share!
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  • We generally have 350 - 400 kids. YES that's right. They come from all around.
    I remember being a kid and always loved getting good stuff. We buy full size candy. Of course it's stuff we like too!! Boy do the kids love it, and they remember from year to year. I hear "This is the lady that gives good stuff" a lot. We have a candy outlet real close buy - so it generally costs about $40 - $50. We really get good prices.
    It only happens once a year that kids can take candy from strangers! I have a good time too. I always sit outside on the porch and pass it out from there. Sometimes I really have to bundle up - coz its freezin!!!
    Have a happy one.
  • I hand out mini candy bars and also get suckers & smarties for the little ones. I usually let the kids take their choice most only take 1. I usually get alot of kids so if its nice enough I will sit outside cuz I have a split foyer & going up & down with 4 dogs gets crazy & also have steps outside so I try to make it easy on the treaters. Dont forget Moms & Dads taking the kids I always offer them some candy to....they and say thanks!

  • One year when there were little ones around I bought one of those packages of one serving size boxes of cereal and gave the real little ones those.
  • We get about 30-50 trick-or-treaters. I usually hand out a bag of pretzels, like Barb, they are great for lunchboxes, and all ages can have them. Along with a packet of hot chocolate. This goes over well, because it is something to warm them up if it is a cold trick-or-treat night!

    Not to mention, I don't have to worry about DH raiding the treat bucket, and eating it all before trick-or-treat time!
  • Oh, I forgot to add, one year my DD got a bag of the Ramen Noodle soup stuff.

    That was the first thing she wanted when we got home! Go figure!
  • we live off the main road so we only get 3 kids and they are friends of ours so i always buy them something special i think this yr since there older girls ill buy some extra lipgloss from avon and give to them i think they will love that
  • I think we had about 20 kids last year. I bought hot cocoa mix and Wendy's coupons yesterday. I am thinking about adding a juice. I also bought dum dums. I have sorted out the ones we like ( we are picky ) and will give out the rest.
  • Cocoa mix--that's a clever Halloween treat!

    I discovered that the big kids like getting Jolly Rancher candy. (Mostly because they can sneak them into school and eat them). I got my own private Halloween Revenge one year that way. In the town where we used to live, we would get teenagers wearing their backpacks on their fronts, but NO costumes, looking for candy. So I started buying Jolly Rancher Fire Stix for them. Regular candy for everyone else. The kids without costumes got those. They all thanked me for the Jolly Ranchers and I knew they would save them for school....wished I could have been in that classroom when they discovered that it was not a cherry Jolly Rancher
  • I start out with the usual candy treats, and then work my way into the stickers/coupons, and then coins before 10 PM. This year we may/may not be handing out candy, others as everything appears to be "pricy" and some of the community halls are having social events on Friday night (Halloween)... so we'll see.
  • Great ideas--thanks for sharing! I HATE having leftover candy after Halloween. The sugar depresses our immune systems, which is no fun... We're going to stock up with thing that can be snacks later, like pretzels.