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  • Hi
    I also live in a small town ....we only have one stop light too LOL anyway, we have two 'major' grocery stores ( one is REALLY a corner store LOL) and the prices at the other grocery store are just way way too high. We have to go two towns over to get our grocerys and there are 3 HUGE grocery stores there and sometimes they all have great deals on different things and was just wondering if anyone thought it would be nuts doing a third of their grocery shopping at each store . I love to save pennies lol

    Thank you Kimmyo for the tip on the loss leaders

  • We only have one major grocery store here. They are much cheaper than the smaller, locally owned stores. However, I have totally stopped buying meat from the large grocery store. I got tired of questioning the meat before I cooked it for my family. I would buy a nice, pretty package of ground sirloin. However, when breaking it apart to cook it or to mix up a meatloaf, I would see that only about 1/8" of it was nice and red.....underneath that would be ugly brown meat! So, I finally just stopped buying meat there all together. They do, however, have a nicer produce department than the other stores. They also have better buys on canned goods and frozen veggies. So, I do part of my shopping at each store. Most of the time though, I drive 20+ miles one way into the next town to stock up on meat from the Super Wal-Mart there. I have never been disappointed or discouraged with any of the meat I have gotten there. The only problem is that I've never seen them run any specials on meat!
  • Hello Everyone!

    Abear93 - Loss Leaders are the weekly ads that come out from the grocery stores. They sale price things sometimes at a "loss" to draw people into their stores, hoping they'll purchase other items as well. Those stores usually have higher price on thier other items - gotta make up for those losses somehow!!

    Also, I've learned there is no such thing as a "dumb" question!

    Have a nice day,
  • I shop once a week and I stop at many stores. (You all may think I am crazy! ) We live outside of Richmond, VA so there are a bunch of stores. I generally hit Krogers (double coupons up to .50), Food Lion, and Ukrops (local chain). I also hit CVS, Wallgreens and RiteAid If they have a sale on something I will use. I usually ONLY buy lost leaders at Ukrops because they have great ones, but everything else there cost and arm and a leg. I get the Sunday paper, check the sale flyers and make my list. The Ukrops ad comes out on Monday, but I can get their sale ad online. If something has a limit and I am out for something else, I'll stop in to get more. On my major trip I put a large cooler with some ice (frozen water in a milk jug - we have a large chest freezer) in the trunk so I can keep things cold as needed.

    A couple weeks ago I got 14lbs of Angel Hair pasta for .25/lb. I hadn't seen it that cheap and it was more than 50% off the regular price.

    I'm not working outside the home right now, so I have time to do this. It may be different if I didn't see it as my "job" right now.
  • Speaking of dumb things......
    Speaking of dumb things, I must have replied to abear93's question before reading the rest of the posts!! Sorry about that! I liked kimmyo's explanation much better!
    Oh well! This gets me one post closer to my very own avatar!!

  • Renee
    WOW Renee, I'd like to tag along on a shopping trip with you!!! I bet I could learn a thing or two........or three!!!

    I wish we had Krogers here. That's one thing I do miss from living in Texas. I used to love their brand of cracked wheat bread! (and I am not usually a bread eater)
  • You can come along anytime!!!!! The more the merrier.
  • me too
    can i tag along as well ? i think it would be a great learning experience ....and shopping is always fun

  • I also live in a small town but, I live at the dead end of the major street in town. So all I have to do is go down the street and will find Tops, P&C, Aldi's, Walmart, Kmart,and Eckerds. I buy Loss leaders at all 3 grocery stores. It really helps with the grocery bill.

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  • "Round Robin"
    Hi everyone,

    My mom is Autumnmum2002 and you should talk to her about what she has always called her "Round Robin". For as long as I can remember she has always shopped at at least 2-3 grocery stores after checking the ads and getting her coupons together. I am surprised that she hasn't made any comments on this board yet. I guess the coupon swapping has her busy. I consider my mom the queen of coupons ! She loves doing it and she is so good at it that the cashiers fight over who is going to take her orders! I have seen her get $100 worth of groceries for under $10! She has always shopped this way and I am very proud of her for starting the coupon swapping club. She will be glad to know that she is not the only one who goes from store to store to be frugal!

    Have a great day and enjoy your shopping!