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MrsManiac 09-26-2002 08:48 AM

I wish there was an Aldi's close to my house--I go to Sav-a-lot instead. I shopped at Aldi's all the time--the prices on canned goods can't be beat!

sheilaanderson 09-26-2002 03:21 PM

sav-a-lot grocery
hello to everyone.

if you have a sav-a-lot grocery in your area-you have to check it out.
i save most of my money shopping name brand with manufacturers coupons-doubled at bi-lo and kroger stores.

but- some things just cant be beat at sav-a-lot prices and the quality is usually really good on

1.spice seasoning envelopes-only 3 for $1.00 - for making spaghetti sauce,tacos,chili,meatloaf,country-beef-or chicken gravy.all are wonderful quality and not wimpy on taste-this is the only place i will by my seasoning envelopes-they are sooo good!!

2. canned veggies- only .29 cents each-corn,green beans,peas,etc. and again-usually great quality.

3. cooking needs- choc. chips .88cents,condensed milk .99cents,pudding mixes 3/$1.00-the vanilla is the best! graham pie crusts-under $1., vanilla extract $1.49 for 2 oz.
and so on.canned pie filling is .99 cents

4. canned fruit is really reasonable, usually .60 to .99 cents

5. also great price on frozen boneless chic. breast,frozen french fries,and sometimes good fresh meat sales.

6.canned tomato sauce is 3/99 cents and canned beans for chili hot beans and kidney and others are 3/$1.00.-the quality is excellent in these canned beans!!!

7. diced canned tomatoes-2/$1.00-again great quality!!
canned mushrooms- .50 cents

8. oh- and beechnut babyfood-4 jar packs-for only $1.19-the quality in beech nut is sooo good in consistency and taste-my son still likes to snack on an occasional jar and he is almost 4 years old!!
9. the plastic squeeze jar of honey is only $2.29 for a huge bottle.
the only thing i dont like at sav-a lot is some of the processed cheaper frozen meats, bread here is high $$,store brand cleaners-poor quality,and
AVOID the store brand cereals-yuck!
hope this helps out !!!
sincerely-sheila ann anderson

catlady101 09-26-2002 03:48 PM

I notice a lot of people depend on prepacked foods...hey I do too, a little. But I am concerned about the nutritional value of using all this processed food. Yes the prices are good but could you do just as well making somethings from scratch and have control over the salt and and the quality.
The seasoning packages, they are great and I buy bulk where I shop in stead of these but there are a few I like. But there is a way to make up your own seasoning packages. There is even a wev site with tons of make your own mixes on it:
this site even has "bisquick" make your own and use the recipes for bisquick.

Not to mention cooking with foods that are in season. Right now look for the root veggies like sweet potatoes, winter squashes etc. Some people are literally giving away the last of the tomatoes before the first frost, make sauce, juice whatever and freeze it if you do not can.

Look for meats on sale or marked down, like a meat close to it's sell by date.

For asian foods go to an asian market of you can and buy the products you use from there like wasabi, cellophane noodles, wonton wrappers, egg roll wrappers etc. These are very cheap there, even the special cookware like steamers and shushi rollers are cheaper there.

I have even found recipes for your own hamburger helper...

Some of these can be made ahead, kept dry in tupperware or jars and they are ready when you are. Best is you can make them up when the items that you need are ON SALE!

Keep those minds open. I really enjoy reading this since I am always anxious to save money any way I can and feeding my DS and me always seems to be a challenge.

~*~Stacia~*~ 09-26-2002 04:29 PM

Hi, ladies!!! :) Hope everyone is having a great week!!

We shop at Aldi's every 2 wks~ it is in another town but every 2 wks we have to go to that town to make our car payment so we kill 2 birds with 1 stone lol I absolutely love Aldi's~ there are several things that I don't buy there b/c they either don't have it (like my instant Nestea....cheese slices ~we only eat Kraft lol) etc or I know I can get it cheaper at Family Dollar, Dollar General or Big Lots!! Plus since we're an hour from home, I don't buy milk or dairy products there but I do buy meat and especially frozen foods and transport them in a cooler. I usually buy gallons of milk at our local grocery store when it's on sale and then freeze it. But can't beat Aldi's prices on bread, fruit, veggies, canned goods or their frozen foods!!!! As for the prepackaged foods, I have found that I can pretty much duplicate any packaged food. Like Catlady mentioned that website, there are several that give recipes for different mixes, etc. I have started using alot of homemade mixes in place of prepackaged such as Bisquick, sloppy joe mix, meatloaf mix, onion soup mix, pancake mix, etc. I've found out that it's alot cheaper but my kids like my homemade better b/c I can control what's in it. Like my sloppy joes~my kids love them but the prepackaged mix or canned mix has green/red peppers and onions or chunks of tomato. Well my kids don't like that so I found a recipe to make my own and leave that stuff out. They love it!! I also have started making my own chicken nuggets using Aldi's boneless skinless chicken breasts, crushed corn flakes and different seasonings (taco, spaghetti, etc). They're better for them and they love em!

Ok kinda got long winded there but I'm really getting into this seriously cutting our food bill!!! Glad I found this message board!! :)

Have a good one all!!! :heart:

OmommyO 09-26-2002 04:47 PM

We have an Aldi's and a Sav-A-Lot. I prefer Aldi's. I have noticed that our prices are different on some products than were mentioned above. For instance our Cream of Mush is only 39 cents. Our FareWay has that same price on their generic version so I needn't make that extra trip. I have found that since FareWay matches all of our competitors prices that I rarely have to go to Aldi's. I get three or four ad's and can shop at one store for most everything and I find that the fresh meat is much better. I do buy my frozen boneless chicken breasts at Aldi's only though. Can't beat the price...anywhere. I am lucky to have such a store so close to me!:)

~*~Stacia~*~ 09-26-2002 04:52 PM

Hi, OmommyO!! yeah we have 3 Aldi's within a 35 miles radius of us (our town is supposed to be building one here in the spring! I can't wait!! :) ) and I've noticed that each Aldi store does vary a little in their prices and even in what they carry. So if we're in one of the other towns that we don't normally shop in, I'll usually stop to see what that Aldi's has that's different, etc. :daisy:

Hatvany 09-27-2002 04:14 AM

Grocery Stores
I sure wish we had some grocery stores like you talk about around us. I go 18 miles to a little store in the town were we get our mail. But to do the main part of our shopping we go to a town 55 miles away which only has a walmart, kmart, Albertsons and a Thriftway. There is not any other store for over 200 miles from me. Way to far for me to travel each month. (The cost of gas would over come any savings I made.

Jackie S:mad:

OmommyO 09-27-2002 05:11 AM

My husband and I moved to this little town about 3 years ago. We both grew up in the bigger town (city) about 30 miles away. My husband goes in Mon-Fri for work. I go in at least every Wednesday and most of the time on Sat or Sun. We are completely lost out here in the middle of nowhere. We have a mini-mart, but nothing else. I visit the stores about once a week. I am really stocked up for winter when I won't be able to go into town as much, as our road always drift shut. It does make it nice that there are such nice choices in shopping there. Just wish we still lived there!:-P::

Harriette 09-27-2002 05:25 AM

grocery shopping
I have fond memories of living out in the middle of nowhere and being snowed in for a few days at a time. Like you stocked up and made sure evap and powdered milk, flour, yeast, sugar and a few other items were always in the pantry. My sons knew it was bread/cookie baking time and after feeding stock would come in to hot bread, homemade butter, jams & jellies or cookies from the oven. Made good family times and a lot of memories. :heart:

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