$20 grocery budget

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  • Catlady101;
    I would like those two recipes. Would you email them to me at [email protected]

    Thanks in advance
  • What a good idea, often it's hard to come up with new ideas on your own to use what you have, and not have it taste the same.

    One of our favorite tide me over meals is pancakes. Today we had them with strawberries out of the garden. When I want them for a supper we add a drained can of corn.
    Also we make omlets, and add what ever we have, a bit of grated cheese, or a few slivers of mushrooms, bits of diced ham.
    Ususally, whatever we put on the omlet wouldn't be enough of anything left to do much with. If you have salsa, that makes a nice topping and adds a little boost of flavour.
    Another thing we do is make a lot of home made soup. We boil up any bones we have and make a stock. Sometiimes chicken, or turkey, or beef. then we throw in vegetables ( the left overs from previous meal(s). If it's a beef soup, we usually add barley. If it's chicken or turkey we add rice or noodles with the vegies.

    When I make things like meat loaf or meat balls I add some oatmeal, egg, salt and pepper, and onions( if I have them). That makes the meat go further and makes a nice meat loaf.

    Hubbies favorite dish is what he calls "Gunge" Hamberger ( cooked in a frypan and broken up) added to Macaronie and cheese, with onions chopped, and stewed tomatoes then baked in the oven. Goes a long way.

    Hope this is what you wanted , I don't know what your prices are like, but here in Northern B.C. potatoes are $7.99 #10. Flour is $8.99 #10 ( that was in the store today I usually wait for sales and buy my flour $4.99 #10 on sale.) $20 wouldn't go far on basics. Chicken on sale $.99/# , Hamberger $1.99/#.

  • Here are two ideas I used to make when times were really tough and I had four teens to feed:
    First one: I would buy a whole chicken when on sale and use it to make chicken soup. Would take out the cooked chicken to debone it. The breast and other larger pieces were put aside for use in another meal (chicken casserole with noodles, cream of something soup, spices) and the smaller pieces put back into the soup. My kids happened to like the smalll pasta in the soup (tubetinni or similar) and we always had more of the noodles or pasta than meat. I also put in a can of tomatoes to the broth and carrots. They loved the soup and the casserole was good as well. Always had bisquits or rolls with them.
    Next recipe is broccoli & spaghetti...One head broccoli (sometimes I saved part of it for another meal) after it is cooked, add about 5-6 chicken bouillion cubes to water it was cooked in.In another pot boil water for spaghetti. I break it into the smallest pieces i can ahead of time and then cook it . After draining it, I use that pot to saute an onion and garlic. Scrape that into the other pot that has the water & broccoli, salt & pepper to taste. That should be pretty flavorful.Dump cooked spaghetti back into big pot, add the smaller one with broccoli & broth, can add a tblsp of margarine if you like.Mix & serve with grated cheese. Really cheap, makes a lot and this is one we still make.
  • meals
    A few ways with hamberger:

    Buy in bulk, cook up and divide for some of the following dishes - mix/match to suit individual tastes:

    Slumgullion to us: Add chopped onions, can of tomatoes (paste, sauce, stewed, even fresh), season to taste. Add vegetables - mixed, peas, green beans, etc., Serve over rice, noodles or potatoes -

    Make chili - with or without beans and add macaroni or other pasta to make chili mac. Season to taste or to spiciness.

    Make a white cream sauce using flour or cornstarch. Add cooked hamburger or make mini meatballs and add after browning. Serve over rice, noodles or potatoes. By adding sour cream - a poor man's stroganoff (sp?) Can substitute by making a brown gravy instead of a white one and omit sour cream for Swedish meatballs.

    Sloppy joes: brown hamberger, add onions, season to taste. Add ketchip, brown sugar, garlic powder, worchestershire sauce, lemon juice or a couple lemon slices, even vinegar, tabasco sauce, a little water. Simmer until thick. Serve over bread, rolls or again, rice, noodles or potatoes.

    Just a few recipes and hope they help you out. Remember by just changing from one type of gravy to another you have different dishes and flavors - e.g., tomato sauce and seasonings and you have italian gravy or spaghetti sauce as most of us call it.

    Have fun
  • wow!!
    Can't wait to try some of these ideas!!! My three sons all are pretty open to me "experimenting " hehe with new ways to stretch our food dollars and make a new meal out of odds-n-ends.
    My sweetie is picky about some things but does at least try most of it!! I am not the best cook, (his mother is don'tcha know lol)
    but i do try to be creative !!!
    Now to get a better system for meal planning with my frugal new recipes!!!
  • Wow, thanks guys!! The ideas are great--I'm going to try some of them myself . I have a list somewhere, but can't seem to find it, that I'm going to post. I ended up with about a week and a half's worth of food--more if some of the stuff is made from scratch. I'm glad you guys have meat in your ideas--one of the other ladies I'm working with on this suggested deep-fried dandelions. I've had dandelion salad, and liked it. My problem with that suggestion is that these people are desperate enough without having to feel so bad off they have to eat weeds!
  • $20 grocery budget
    I have three kids and that need stuff! Sometimes that means taking money out of the food budget to buy other things.

    These are some things I do to stretch a dollar:

    1. Quesadillas, cheese and flour tortillas, my kids love these with just cheese. I make them with left over ham, chicken, ground beef, steak.

    2. Mexican Rice, served with the quesadillas, enchilladas, etc. One cup rice, slice or chopped onion (1/4 cup), brown rice in oil, add 1/2 can tomatoe sauce, 1 cube chix bouillion, and 3 cups of water.

    3. Cheese Enchilladas, corn tortillas, can of enchillada sauce, cheese, and oil. Put oil in pan, put tortillas in one at a time to soften, dip in enchillada sauce to coat both sides, put cheese in the middle roll up and stack in baking dish. You can also add chicken or ground beef, salsa for veggie enchilladas. Top with cheese or salsa while still hot.

    4. Tacos, brown ground beef, serve on corn or flour tortillas, with lettuce and tomatoe, you can also add salsa, corn, cheese, sour cream if you have some.

    5. Canned/frozen ham, one ham can be used for many meals: sandwiches, omeletts, mac & cheese with ham, ham & noodle casserole, ham with mashed potatos and gravy...
  • $20 grocery budget
    Here's a great site for additional recipes and ideas for healthy meals for people on a budget/limited income:

  • try this
    2 pkg. ramon noodles
    1/2 bag frozen veggies
    any type of meat cut and cooked

    Put the frozen veggies in the water and bring to a boil. Follow package directions for cooking the noodles, and add the meat as soon as you take the noodles off of the stove. If you prefer not to have it as a soup, just add half of the water.

    Small can tomato sauce
    2 cups cooked rice
    4 lg. green peppers
    cooked ground hamburger
    shredded cheddar cheese
    salt and pepper to taste

    mix all ingredients except peppers. cut top off of the peppers and take out the insides. stuff the peppers with the mixture. Bake in 325 oven until heated through.
  • frugal meals
    here is thought on the beans.( i use great nothern beans or pinto)
    cook one pkg of beans with seasonings of choice(onion,garlic powder,seasoning salt,chili powder,etc)
    have the first meal as white beans and corn bread.
    next evening-mash beans and have bean burritos in flour or corn tortillas. could include mexican style rice.
    if any left-3rd night-serve with homemade corn tortilla chips and bean dip with salsa, sour cream,etc.(like a layered dip)
    also rice can be used in these recipes.
    hope these help.
    sincerely-sheila ann anderson