How do you organize your grocery list?

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  • Like Roberta I keep a running list on the fridge.
    If you are about or have run out of something and don't put it on the list, I don't know what it was so you miss out, mostly deodorants or toothpaste which means they have to walk to our bathroom each night and morning to use these items in our cupboards.
    I try to keep my list in general aisle order, cereals at the top, baking in the middle and loo paper/cleaning products at the end.
    Then it goes frozen, colds, veg (that is mostly done at a veg shop but I do pick up a few bits and pieces here and there) and deli.
    I always take that list and I use a pen to cross items off as I go along or I tend to miss things.
    They all get packed in my green bags.
    I do check catalogues, there are 2 major shops in our area/centre and I so my shop where the most on specials are and run to the other store for the few on special items.
  • Like many, I use to make my shopping lists out by sections - Dairy, Meat, Produce, dry, and Misc. Then I got smart and started creating shopping lists by what we ran out of, so by week/month end I had an idea of what coupon(s) I would need, and which store would offer us the best deal (supermarket vs club/memberships), then I would create a shopping list in order by coupon and by isle /row the item should be on at store X if what we need isn't a bilk item (T.P. Napkins, Paper towels, etc)...