How do you save money at the grocery store?

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Stock up on sale items
I only shop with cash, no checks or cards
I go alone, noone else to put things in the cart
I shop more than one store to get deals
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  • How do you reduce your grocery bill? Tell us here!
  • I use a combination of sales, coupons, multiple stores to get the most for my money and stock up when I can get the best prices.

  • I use coupons, rebates, shop at different stores for sale items. I stock up on such that we use often that will keep on pantry shelves & freezer. I make most meals from scratch use the microwave, my smaller convection oven & crock pot. That saves time & electric. When I can, I make enough for 2 meals & freeze one. There are ways of doing things if certain veg. are too high at the time you want them. Instead of fresh peppers you can get frozen chopped for cooking. When peppers are cheaper buy more & chop, dice, or in strips & freeze them yourself. They don't have to be blanched first. Onions can be done same way. When a reciepe calls for fresh tomatoes & they are high use can tomatoes. There are lots of ways to get around higher prices.
  • I do all of the above. I mainly shop at Super Wal-mart but I watch the ads for the other stores in our area. I use coupons and also rebates. I have a pantry and an upright freezer that I use when I stock up on sale items. Yesterday I spent an hour grilling. I grilled 12 pork chops, 8 chicken breasts, 12 hamburgers, 6 steaks. All were purchased on sale when our local store had 25% off all the meat you can fit in a bag. I used my seal a meal and sealed them in 1 portions and then froze them. This way if I want chicken at 6:00 pm and my son comes home at 9:00 pm and wants a burger and my hubby wants a steak when he comes home from work at 7:00 am no problem just pop them in the microwave or the george foreman grill.
  • I generally use all of the above, but most important...I don't take my kids when I go. This helps me cut down on impulse buys!
  • saving $
    I shop at the "club" store once a month. I often share large quantities between three households for things like flour,sugar,catsup,mustard,vinegar and oil. This way we all get a lower per unit price.
  • I try to do all the above -- although I've gotten very sloppy lately about using coupons. In addition, I grow some vegetables and do some bulk-cooking, and try to make as much as I can from scratch.
  • I only shop once a month (mainly because I hate grocery shopping in the first place). This forces me to create a monthly menu and bulk shop.

    Also, all my purchases are either on sale or lower than the advertised sale price and then I use a coupon (try to find a store that doubles them) on top of that. One time when I did that trick I got 2 jars of Smucker's jelly for .25 cents each!

    Also, I stick to a strict budget of $150 a month for groceries. That way I won't be tempted to buy something just because it's an awesome buy.

    One last thing, I go with a list that is prepared according to the layout of the store so I don't have to worry about searching everywhere and then doing an impulse buy.

    Doubling recipes (then freezing half), cooking from scratch, and buying off brand are other tricks I use.
  • 1. I have everyone in family (of 5) make list of what they'd like to have foodwise and what they need for personal items.
    2. I make up a week's menu taking into consideration what family members would like from their lists.
    3. I check the local newspaper and store ads for sales items and make a list of the items I need or want to stock up on. I compare these against the menu and family lists.
    4. I then make a Master Grocery List made up of items from the other lists and the menu.
    5. I get out my coupons and discounts/rebate forms and put together all I can use for the items on the Master List. I use as many as I possibly can. Sometimes these may total as many as 25 or 30.
    I NEVER buy anything just because it's on sale or have a coupon for an item unless I know I will use it, can it or freeze it for future use.
    I ALWAYS make sure I have eaten shortly before I go grocery shopping. Reduces impluse buying greatly.
    If I need a coupon for an item on sale and I don't have one, I ask friends if they have one and I trade with them for another coupon they need.
    I take only enough cash with me to cover what I think the cost of the groceries and a cup of coffee after shopping will come to.. (I get the coffee on the way home in the car / reduces temptation to spend more money in a restaurant.)
    Any money left over from the cash I had prior to shopping gets put in a cash box and saved until it accumulates to an amount that can be used for something special for the family, an activity, eat out night, etc.
  • saving at the grocery store
    I do all of the above but also go to our local grocery outlet, the brands may be from other areas of the country but the food is still good quality. Canned veggies are about 39cents a can, name brands are less than half of instore prices. I have a huge pantry, upright freezer and space for bulk storage of paper products.
    I buy in quanity when on sale and seldom ever pay full price for anything!
    I've also quit buying paper napkins, I've picked up fingertip towels for less than $ each, they last for years. I keep a small wastebasket of worn out cut up towels that I use to wipe up spills etc, no paper towels. We have a picnic box in the car from spring thru fall, with plastic dinnerware, old silverware cups and glasses. A picnic is as easy as a take out from the grocery store if we are caught out or from home if I plan for it.
    I also buy cleaning supplies at other places than the grocery store
    big box stores are usually cheaper than the local grocery for all cleaning supplies. I buy Simple Green by the gallon and dilute to specs, cheap and good. In the kitchen I use vinegar and water!
    My motto is never buy today what will go on sale tomorrow.

    Linda C.