How do you save money at the grocery store?

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Stock up on sale items
I only shop with cash, no checks or cards
I go alone, noone else to put things in the cart
I shop more than one store to get deals
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  • when I think about it, I use coupons, rebates when there is one and sales. I usually use cash or atm card, but I'm not always by myself-alot of the time, but not everytime I go shopping.
    I work at Wal~Mart so I usually shop before I go home. Wal~Mart does competitive ads-they will meet prices of other local stores-within 50 miles; but they don't do free ads-like the buy 1 get 1 free stuff. I'll go to the other stores for those ads. I get an added bonus working at Wal~Mart, I can use my discount card for some items-not food, actually not what is considered staples but some snacks will get discounted. I never really know so I always use my card when I shop at Wally World.
    I also like to get to Sam's, although I don't go as often as I'd like to. My mom and dad really like the meats there so I try to take them there every month or so-in fact I think we'll try to get there after my mom's dr. appointment this Thursday and have lunch also through the demo's at Sam's.(another way to save money)
  • Every week, I shop the sales at the local Kroger affiliate.

    About once a month, we hit Sam's Club.

    And I participate in the SHARE co-op (

    I have 2 fridges, both with attached freezers. AND a 20-cu-ft upright (my Precioussss.)
  • I use all of the above when I can. I only go to the store once or twice a month. I also get things at discount stores such as Aldi's and the dollar stores. Incidentally, a couple weeks ago I picked up a free recipe book put out by Aldi's using only Aldi's products -- they were fairly simple and looked delicious! The nice thing about it was it told how much the recipe would cost to make.
  • Freezer!
    I've been trying to talk my stingy DH into a freezer for what seems like forever! I could really stockup and save more, but since we have 1 storm a year where we are out of power for a couple of days to a week he doesn't want to get even a small one! Of course we are talking about the guy that will go to the store 3 or4 times a week without a list because he has a craving Can't save if someone is shooting you in the foot!

  • How Do I Save??
    I stop feeding the kids!! (just kidding)
    Vivian, I know the feeling about trying to shop around a compulsive buyer!! But I HAVE managed to " plant"coupons in my SO's car, and when he calls me from work to ask if I need anything, I tell him YES.... then explain where the coupons are for the item I wonders!!
    But when I am going shopping, I plan by the coupons and the sales...I usually shop at a local store (Market Basket/DeMoulas) but if Shaw's has a good 10 for $10. or another good sale that works with my coupons, I go there just for the items, as it is not out of my way, I have to pass right by it to get to my regular store. But coupons and store brands work well for the family. As well as the damaged/discontinued goods, I do like to hit the managers specials in the meat dept. Frozen veggies work wonders on keeping the spending down...and keeping the cost of meat at bay, as I make casseroles, and use the veggies as a filler.(a sneaky way of filling the boys up without the calories)
    I do stock up on canned goods, but try to limit it to when there is a sale, or I have coupons- works well when I have both to work with.
    When meats are on sale I freeze them in a very small upright freezer.
    I just renewed my Sam's club card, so am hoping to save even more in the future!!
  • I, too, do all of the above. We don't get a Sunday paper, as our local paper is only once a week. I have found a website that lists all of the ads, so I check there before I begin my trek to the stores. the website is Sunday Saver and you can find it at It's interesting to check prices in other areas of the country as well.
  • Wow! excellent thread ladies! I am learning so much, thank's FC community for the education on the things that matter.
  • So many GREAT ideas on this board. Kudos to all. To add to the list, I am on a coupon train (mine is There are some really good ones out there. Another good one is with This is a program that has a printable list for the grocery store you choose showing marked down prices...(sometimes even lower than the advertised sales). You can try it out for $1 for four weeks. If you like the savings (Who wouldn't?), you pay $10 every two months. $5 for any additional store you may choose to add. also features a board where members discuss all the really best savings going on around town. These postings include various stores, including stores like Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Long's etc.,. If any of you would like to check out this web site and decide to join, would you please give credit to me so I can get some 'free' time with the site? You will need to add my name and email. Other than being a paid subscriber, I am in no way affiliated with the site.
    Thanks Ladies and Gents...Happy shopping...
    God bless...

    Mary McLuckie

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  • We've forgotten..........
    one of the most important rules for grocery shopping!

    Never, Never go before you've eaten a meal!! Any food looks wonderful if your hungry, and they count on that. That's why the candy is near the checkouts, and the special displays in the store featuring a product.
    When I worked at Wal-mart we were told to put certain items in certain places so people would be tempted to buy them. Useful little things that add up quickly. Next time you're in Walmart and walk down the "Action Alleys" you'll see what I mean!

    Eat before you shop so you won't be tempted!

  • Saving on Grocery Shopping
    I keep price lists to compare sales, I also start out going to Go Grocery (a grocery outlet store) first sometimes to ALDI's and then follow up by going to the grocery store that has the most sales on items I plan on buying. I buy some stuff at Sams Club but you have to check prices sometimes they are higher. They also do not take coupons. And it is easy to impulse buy also . I love Grocery shopping. Once a year we purchase a whole cow and have it prepared at a local meatcutters, we also buy our veggies at the local farmers market (much cheaper and helps local farmers stay in business). Much fresher also. I also use coupons and try to shop at stores where you get double or triple coupons, I buy all my non-food related items at Dollar general, Freds, Walmart, Target etc... and use coupons their.