Angus Beef?

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  • Elizabeth, that is what I do. I buy the leanest cuts I can find that are still tasty and tender. I will not pay $3-4 a pound for beef. I can't afford it for one and even if I could why should I? When I get really good cuts of meat to begin with by doing it the way I do?

    I am just as concerned as the next about the mad-cow disease. I do feel, however, that there are times, when the news media blows things way out of proportion! That being said, I do feel we need the recalls, need to be informed but not the scare tactics that they are famous for.

    Lisa anymore input on how this disease comes about? I, for one would appreciate being well informed from one who knows the business. NOT the news!
  • I'm no expert, Just try to keep well informed. The large producers of cattle may feed mixes with animal parts in them however the government has increased its testing as well as the producers themselves. The producers do not want to get run out of business or kill anyone either, it's their reputations on the line as well. IIt can be passed along genetically by infected breed cows which is what happened out west the other yr. Most producers are very aware of preventative measures and are implementing them. If you aren't sure then don't buy from the chain grocery stores, find local small beef producers and butcher shops that you can visit and check out the living environments and feed types used. They are everywhere, little back yard 4-Hers and hobby farmers that would love to give you info and sell you their product. Hope this eases your minds a little.

  • Probably why alot of people feel safer with angus beef,because its only diet is grass.I still dont understand why its so expensive.

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  • Sandieluvsbears, Once again Angus cattle DO NOT only eat grass, they eat supplements and grains at some producers so although it makes you feel better it isn't the truth in general.

  • Lisa, yes you are right (my meat cutter wasnt) according to the folks at NimanRanch.comthe cattle graze at pasture until they are about 900lbs. then they are givenbarley,corn,wheat,soy molasses and hay to round it out. No by products according to them.Ill have to tell the meat cutter I spoke to. Good to know!Sandie
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  • According to my DH about 5 yrs ago feeding animals parts in the livestock feed was outlawed so if the feedlots adher to that it's a good thing Also some feedlots feed food waste from places like Hershey Chocolate as well as outdated bread and twinkies, etc. so that actually supplies some pretty good protein which is necessary for good meat production.
  • All Right!!! Chocolate and Beef!!!!

    Yes I know, you don't get them both!! Don't go there Cyn, this is not another embarassing moment for me!

    Wouldn't that be great though. Hey anyone have a recipe for beef and chocolate together? That doesn't even sound that good once I typed it together. But then it is chocolate......mmmmmmm

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