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Amanda 01-25-2002 06:39 PM

Grocery Shop Challenge
Ok guys, I need you! I am taking $300 to the grocery store tomorrow and I want to spend it the best way that I can.

Remember, I have 6 family members, hubby, me and 4 kids.

We don't eat seafood, so that's out. I already plan to make batches of pancakes and french toast to put in my freezer. Plus I'll be buying extra loaves of bread for sandwiches to freeze.

ANY ANY ANY suggestions on spending this money wisely and stretching it will be most appreciated!!


otheila 01-25-2002 07:19 PM

If you have a bakery thrift store in your area get all baked goods from them. You never said how long for these groceries to last? 3 weeks?
Hamburger ( ground meat of some kind) versitile get family packs.
taco's, burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, spagetti sauce ( you can make all these ahead of time and freeze) ......
If you plan on putting your meat in the freezer anyway's when you get home buy the already frozen meats, cheaper then the fresh and your going to freeze it anyway's.
Rice another versitle food.
If your dks are kd kids buy the shaker can of cheese powder and the noodle sepperate, dd went through a stage where all she would eat was kd drove me nuts.
I can't think of anything else right now I started the post with a whole bunch of ideas now I am drawing a blank, time for bed I think ROFLMAO

Amanda 01-25-2002 07:26 PM

Thanks for the ideas otheila! I'm a bit confused about this part however:


Originally posted by otheila
If your dks are kd kids buy the shaker can of cheese powder and the noodle sepperate, dd went through a stage where all she would eat was kd drove me nuts.
What is kd?

otheila 01-25-2002 07:50 PM

Sorry Kraft Dinner, 'gotta be KD'. I refuse now to make it, unless it is used as a side dish. Dd's fav meal pork chops, kd and green beans. I can't stand the stuff now ugghhh. When she went through the phase of eating it I took her to the Dr. and she said let her eat it until she gets sick of it, so i did, took a week, The smell of it now makes me cringe. But if you need any inventive ideas how to make it I think I fiqured out most of them, kd salad, kd burgers, cold kd christmas salad.......... ROFLMAO

nagymom 01-26-2002 03:50 AM

frugal shopping
:worm: Don't forget to check the meat department for reduced meats! My favorite grocery store where I live in NC is Winn Dixie. They put absolutely lovely meats out daily that are drastically reduced. If you take them home and freeze them immediately, they will stay good as long as any other meats. We have had the good fortune of being there twice when they have reduced their huge family packs of chicken breasts to .29/pound!! You can bet we stocked up as many as we could since we have a large freezer. (BTW, if you don't own a freezer, you should really invest in one. The savings on reduced items will help pay for it). We check every grocery store we go to for reduced items, but especially chicken and ground beef. We went to our local Lowes Foods once for ground chuck on sale for $1.19/pound and found some in identical packages reduced to .89/pound. Guess which ones we bought! LOL I'm not saying buy randomly, ALWAYS check for discoloration or smell. Then take it home, freeze it and count your savings.::-)::

mrssch 01-26-2002 07:55 AM

^^ Morning Everyone, I have discovered a wonderful way to save $ hundreds of dollars at the store...I go to Ebay and purchase coupons. Go to the home and garden section and type in "coupon" and shop & shop. I purchase these in the "bulk" form and "booket" or "direct acess packs". Most stores honor double or even triple coupon days. We recently went to Kroger and purchased #249.00 worth and only spent $94.00...WOW...was I happy !

purplepassion 01-26-2002 10:40 AM

mrssch, I also have to shop for a large family 6 kids, 2 adults. My monthly budget is 350.00. I have a few rules, only buy meats if they are 2.00 dollars a pound or less, go to our local warehouse store(Costco) only once a month and the grocery store only once a week. I go once a month and shop at Costco there I get eggs(in bulk) tortillas (enough for the month, I freeze them), flour, sugar(both in bulk and only when I run out), any meats (under $2 a lb.), cheese in bulk (it freezes well) and a few other items. Then I like to go to Win-co, I don't know if you have one, it's great. There I buy all the canned foods for the week plus one so I have back up and never run out. I check out the sale papers on Wedneday for any meats on sale and go get those. I also could not do without our local day old bread store, bread also freezes well. I plan my menus weekly depending on the sales and I don't buy convienience foods or junk food. I hope this helps.:-P::

Amanda 01-26-2002 06:21 PM

Thanks for all the pointers everyone :) I didn't go today, so I will be heading out tomorrow. Please keep the tips coming as I'm sure others can use it as well!

kimmyo 01-26-2002 07:44 PM

Amanda, first sit down and make a list of all the foods your family will eat. Then make a menu from this for however many weeks you plan to shop for.

We get paid every two weeks so I menu plan for two weeks at a time. Next pull out your store ads, your coupons and your menu and make a grocery list.

Doing this will save a ton of money and even allow for those "just can't live with out treats"!

If you are stocking your pantry too, allow for a few extras of things your family will eat. I always keep plenty of green beans, corn, tomatoes, pasta, and can soup in my pantry. I buy a couple cans everytime I shop even if we don't need them, to keep the pantry stocked for those occaisonal cash poor weeks!:)

Hope this helps you get started. I was amazed how much I could save just by menu planning and shopping with a list! I went from spending a minimum of $100.00 a week , to spending $250.00 a month for a family of 4!^^ and my family is very picky about what they will eat!:-P::

millerp 01-26-2002 08:34 PM

Grocery store challenge

I am curious ... what foods do you make for dinner for $250/month? I also have a picky family, so any ideas would be helpful! Thanks!


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