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  • Well, I saved 50.00 again this month and that is a good start!!
    I grocery shopped this morning and took your advice, Tree about all the premade stuff I usually buy.
    All I bought premade this time is cookies and granola bars for my lunches...and gravy...that is something I cannot make if my life depended on it!
    I bought ingedients to make a sweet potatoe pie!!!! (Does jello and pudding count as premade?!!)
    I did not make a menu, just bought what was on sale....pork chops, chicken, polish sausage and pork ribs for meat. I bought dried beans to cook in the crock pot a few nights and will make cornbread with it. I bought a lot of canned vegies, my pantry was running low.
    Tree...I usually buy pasta mixes but this time I just bought a few boxes of plain you know any good pasta recipies?

    I am going to try to make these 2 weeks of groceries stretch out to 3...we will see! I am still spending more than I want to but I am trying!!!

  • Gradulation Trainlady

    My guys like alfrado Chicken I make a basic white sauce and add parmesion cheese and garlic to the sauce. Cut chicken in bite size pieces and cook till done in skillet. Cook noodles til tender drain and serve with sauce mixed in and chicken . I can make a small amount of meat strech this way.

    Pasta Salad I cook my noodles tender then drain. Blash with a little red wine vingar. Then had 2 spoonfulls of mayanise, a dab of mustard. celery salt, touch of sugar. I chop oinion, cucumber, sliced radishes and a shredded carrot. Sorry no measurements I just throw togather and taste. LOL's

    hope this some help If something else come to mind I post.

    Hi CAFE welcome a borad hope you get your computer problems solved soon.

    This be Tree
  • Thanks, tree!
    The pasta salad sounds especially good! I will have to give that one a try!!! Well , I am not cooking from scratch tonight!! I am SO tired from work it looks like it's going to be Swansons pot pies , corn on the cob and "biscuits out of the tube!!!" LOL!!
    Oh well, my husband still loves me!!!

  • Hi Train Lady

    A New month as started and so as my eating habits. I'm hoping to loose 60 pounds in a year. I started the ackins diet today. So far so good. Haven't want a bake potato yet LOL's.

    New month $200.oo in evenlope for this month groceries. Need to make my menu. I need to fix the menu to fit the families need and my diet. A new chanllege.

    This be Tree
  • Hi Tree,
    How did your first month on The Atkins diet go and how, if at all, did it affect your budget.
    The past 2 months I have just bought what is on sale rather than make menus. I have spent about 50 less each month and am still working on getting the budget even lower. I did pretty good this month at getting the pantry stocked. My freezer is still empty at the end of every 2 weeks though. If I could just get a little ahead there with stocking up on more meats, this would help.
    I am not yet making things entirely from scratch but did make some muffins, cakes, cookies and pies in the past couple months all from scratch!!!

  • Hi Train....

    How it go. I feel off the wagon... but I plan to jump back on.. Old dogs can learn new tricks but it just takes a little longer to make change and new habits. Like everything I've done. I've had to do slowly. So I must do this 1 day at a time.

    I spent $198.53 cent in september.

    New envelope $200.00 put in.

    My blue print menu for dinner:
    Sunday's -Beef or Chicken night
    Monday"s- Seafood or fish night
    Tuesday's- Crock pot night or veggie night
    Wednesday's- Chicken or beef night
    Thursday- Chief Salads bar night
    Friday's - forgien crusine night(like pizza, taco's and such.)
    Saturday- Soup night.

    I also made one for breakfast.
    Then it helps give a idea for that day.
    This be Tree
  • Well Tree,
    It's November and I have tried for several months but I think I am giving up on this one. I still just can't seem to get ahead and that is my biggest problem. Every 2 weeks when I shop I am out of everything so there is never any extra money to stock up on specials. My biggest problem is running out of meat. When I shopped this week I had 2 pieces of fish in the freezer and THAT was it!! And I know I will be buying extra food in Nov and Dec what with Thanksgiving and baking for the holidays so, I'm doomed, budget wise for the next 2 months!! LOL but true!!!

    So, how's the Atkins diet going for you? Did you end up giving it another try?
    Hows your store doing? Are the holidays your busiest time for your store or summertime?
    Did your kids go Trick or Treating? We had only 3 Trick or Treaters since it poured rain that evening. All the more candy for me!!!

  • Hi Trainlady

    What diet. I just don't have my mind sat right for dieting. Maybe after the holidays.

    Yes this is a busy time for us we hope. Things have done picked up. Keeping us covered with work. But as soon as christmas over it be spring before things pick up again. ugh!

    No we did not go Trick or Treating. The boys misbehaved then my oldest smart mouth me that day so I did not take them. Maybe next year they reminber.

    The weather is lovely here like summer again. But we know differtent in a few days I hear. Fall temp. be back.

    For the month of Nov. I've spent $44.00.. I bought 2lbs. groundturkey on sale $1.98, a pork roast, 2 whole birds, and round steaks, family pack. cumbers, 1 clove bulb, canned tomatos,and few other things. Toothe paste for 39 cent with my lowes points.

    This be Tree
  • $300.00 shopping
    Is this shopping just for the holidays or is it your reg. grocery shopping? That would make a difference on how you spend.
    Obviously the first thing you do is make a list and stick to it. I have to shop monthly and for a family of 6 I spend no more than $275.00. I buy my meats first, I do alot of canning of vegetables so that is minamal. Then I thing go to the cleaning supply Aisle, any pets?, then I go and get what ever is left on my list like the staples, bread, cereal etc.
    Don't know if this helps or not.
  • Hi dskjt

    My budget Goal $200.00 a month for a family of 5 and 2 dogs LOL's I hit meat special and plan a vegetalbe supper nights and practice strecthing everything to the max..

    Nice meeting you on the post.

    This be Tree