Grocery Challenge -- 2010

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  • Welcome to the Family Corner Grocery Challenge!

    Grocery prices are going up and up, and we are all trying to keep our food bills DOWN!

    Here's where we set a goal for our monthly budget and then track to see if we can beat that goal by spending less.

    Everyone can participate! Just state your budget goal for the month, how many in your family, and what your grocery budget includes (food only, or do you also include pet food, non-food items, health & beauty, etc.)
  • This is something I definitely need to work harder at this year. I'm hoping to cut back to part-time work this year.

    My monthly goal is $500.00. This includes food, cleaning supplies, and health & beauty supplies for 4 people - 2 adults & 2 teenage girls.

    Wish me luck!
  • My monthly budget is $500. It includes food, paper products, cleaning supplies, healthy & beauty and pet supplies. We have 3 1/2(1 is in college)people and 1 dog and 1 cat.
  • I budget $300 for my family of 4 plus 2 dogs. I include food, health & beauty, cleaning & paper products as well as dog food.

  • Going to give this a try and see how I do. Plan is $240 per monthfor DH and I. Does not include pet food, or paper products, cleaning supplies. I usually take out my grocery money once a month in cash and haven't done that yet for this month. So I feel like I'm ahead of the game right now. I still have $20 left from last month.
    Our biggest problem that I see is that each of us is on such a "diet" of can't have this or that and so I feel so often I can't take advantage of the best deals at the grocery like I used to do as we were younger and even fed both DS's on that same amount.
  • I'm not sure how much to budget, I have a family of 6 right now, 5 adults and 1 child of 12. One adult is a big eater. My goal for this month is to be aas cheap as possible. My budget includes, food, cleaning supplies and all paper goods.
  • Cau, if you know what you have spent over the last couple of months (look at the check book or credit card bill) aim to spend a bit less using up what is already in the house first. Then you will know where you can cut expenses to spend a bit less the next month and so on.

  • Budget $300
    Spent $ 43.52
    Coupons $21.98
    Balance $256.48

  • I spent $80 the other day at the local one grocery we have stocking up on fresh items before the snow hit. So that leaves $180 (had $20 from last month)
  • I'm not really setting a budget just seeing if I can beat the system. I've spent about $300.00 so far. That includes stocking up on plastic bags at Sam's and a beef tenderloin for about n$27. , not cheap but much cheaper than all 6 of us going out.