Grocery Challenge Summer 2008

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  • $35 more spent for the remainder of the week.

    I have $468 left in the budget.
  • I need to tally up my spending. Commissary, Sam's and Aldi. Will do that later tonight. and post tomorrow. I think I have done pretty good so far. Just had Sunday dinner for 6 adults. Taco salad, Italian bread, Ice tea, Hubby does Sunday dishes and says it is a easy dish night...Paper plates. Have a good evening.
  • Good Monday Morning Ladies,
    Since I had so much stuff stocked in the freezer and cupboards at the end of last month I decided $250.00 would be a good amount to shoot for this month, just dh and I. I have spent $81.33 so far and shouldn't be going back to the store for about a week to 10 days. Dh is gone the next 5 days so hardly any cooking for me, yeah!
  • Jacki, I too enjoyed not having to cook much when dh and ds was gone on their trip. I go through spells I just don't want to cook. I am okay after I get started but some days its hard to make myself get in the kitchen and start.

    Today, I spent 47.89 at Food city and at Walmart 89.17.

    Total- 210.98
    Store and coupon savings-38.80
  • Spent $122 at Shop Rite yesterday.

    Then this morning I found that I had left the bag with the MEAT in it in the car all night

    Remaining for the month: $346
  • Oh Barb so sorry to hear about that meat, bummer!

    Jean the extent of my cooking yesterday was toasting bread for my sandwich at lunch and making ramen noodles in the microwave for dinner and slicing some strawberries for dessert. Today will be about the same. I am craving chocolate pie but will wait til dh is home before I make one so I won't be a piggie and eat the whole thing myself. I have a recipe my grandma used to use, yummy!
  • Good morning ladies, I still have not tallied up my reciepts. Today, later, much later. I hear a nap calling me. Sorry to hear about the meat Barbszy. That just might shoot the budget all to _ _ _ _!
  • Barb, I am so sorry about you losing the bag of meat. Things like that are easy to do so try not to beat yourself up about it.

    Jacki, I bet your chocolate pie is wonderful. I LOVE chocolate anything.
  • Hi finally tallied up my reciepts. Commissary $233.79 (which included $5.00 bagger tip, and $11.33 Sur charge. Coupon savings $4.09. $8.30 Sam's Club, and $4.67 at Aldi. For a grand total of $246.76. I have $353.24 left for the month.
  • DH went to Krogers spent $39.44 saved $4.43.

    Budget $300
    Spent to date $108.68
    Coupons used $16.50
    Store Savings $35.41
    Budget left $191.32