Grocery Challenge Summer 2008

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  • Here's the latest grocery spends:

    Yesterday DH spent 23.35 & I had my monthly internet shop this evening that totalled 88.47.

    Budget for August: 250.00
    Spent so far: 127.80
    Leaves: 122.20

    I went and forgot to buy potatoes though, so I will be popping to the local shop for those tomorrow!

    I also mentioned to DH that I haven't bought any treat foods such as crisps and sweets and he was OK about it. I will bake some cakes instead!
  • Yesterday I went to Save-a-lot, Food city, Walmart and Magic Mart.

    Total to date-206.91
    Store savings and coupons-18.76

    I was overcharged on some chicken so I should be getting a refund when I take it back. I should be getting around 4 dollars back.
  • This is my downfall right here, running to the store everyday for something! Today I went to pick up sun dried tomatoes and green onions for a dinner I decided to make from some leftover sausage. So it wasn't on my list for this week. ALSO, there was a recipe on the back of the white cake box that I made the Pink Lemonade Layer Cake from, so I bought a few ingredients to make that too

    Previous budget balance $475.16

    less $12.48

    Balance of budget $462.68
    1. (what did I click to get this 1. ??!)
    Anyway, today I spent 5.89 on potatoes and cider for DH.

    Totals are:

    Budget for August 250.00
    minus: 5.89
    Leaves: 116.31
  • Did my week's grocery shopping today. I am only counting FOOD ITEMS this month and on those I spent $76 so a total of $81 on food this month.
  • This weeks shopping

    Goal is $600.00
    Spent today $87.86(got 33 items)
    coupons $3.50

    Left to spend $276.20
  • Spent $53.30 saved $36.08

    Budget $700 July/August
    Spent $583.12
    Coupons $123.15
    Sales $226.24
    Balance $116.88 for August

  • Total Budget for Augut $650.00
    Previous Balance of budget $462.68

    Had to buy dog food this week, haven't grocery shopped but did pick up some shampoo and a few other things from WalMart.

    Spent $119.98 over the past 5 days.

    Balance of budget $342.70

    So far on just food I have spent $228.92, will be grocery shopping sometime this week for a few things.
  • Total Budget for Augut $650.00
    Previous Balance of budget $342.70

    Spent $50.31

    Balance of budget $292.39

    I still need to grocery shop this week.
  • This weeks shopping

    Goal is $600.00

    Spent this trip $83.46(51 items)

    Left to spend $192.74