Grocery Challenge March 2008

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  • Goal-450.00
    Total to date-387.78
    Coupons and store savings-37.20
  • I had a chance to go to Trader Joe's this week and spent $41.15, bought a lot of eggplant and other things I an't get anywhere else. Kroger for coffee buy 3 and get it for 3.99 a large can.

    I went back and checked my amount spent from June to Dec-2007 and noticed that some months I was way over & others way down . I averaged about $548.0 a month.

  • Went to Aldi's, Krogers & Walgreens $31.41

    Spent to date $172.20
    Coupons used $37.54
    Store savings $68.05
    Budget left $140.79

  • Roberta, looks like you are right on target to meet your budget this month.

    Cau, I always total my grocery budgets at the end of the year also. I do it monthly in an envelope and keep all the receipts in there in case I need to check something. I keep all receipts from stores in that month, even non grocery stuff, makes it easier for me to find the receipt if needed later. Then at the end of the year I total and average, last years average was $92 a week for groceries.

    This month I am at $288.74 already with half the month to go and my budget was $350.00. I can still make it but will have to be extra careful. This morning on the news they were doing yet another story on high gas prices and grocery prices going up which we have all noticed. The reporter was making a point about bread, bagels, pizza places, being hit hard. Made my wonder why there have been some awesome cereal sales lately, same category as bread I thought. I'm not complaining it just seems odd, it's not like all the cereals I found on sale were rice or corn only.
  • I've heard also that flour, etc. will be going up as wheat yields weren't good last fall. I picked up several boxes of cereal that had a great sale and I had coupons to have on hand. The kids go through phases of wanting cereal in the morning then they wont for awhile.

    I stopped today and bought milk and ammonia LOL will just cherry pick the grocery ads this week. Spent $4.04 saved $.20

    Spent to date $178.24
    Coupons used $37.54
    Store savings $68.25
    Budget left $121.76

  • Well I went to K-mart andbought my Easter Ham for $1.49 a lb. Not bad for a spiral, dh'd favorite. I went to Kroger & still need to go to Aldi's for basics. I will probably go over by a few bucks this month
    Spent -519.01
  • Decided to pick up another ham for the freezer at $.99 lb and bought fruit for the next week. Stopped at Walgreens and cherry picked Lipton tea & kleenex.

    Spent $44.11 coupons $11.82 and store sales $19.25

    Spent to date $222.35
    Coupons used $49.36
    Store savings $87.50
    Budget left $77.65

  • I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $148.00. That is a bit more than I wanted to spend, but they had some great one-day specials - chicken legs, 10 lbs. for $3.00, 1 pound shrimp for $3.00 and Pepsi products $2.00 for the 12-pack, and of course, I bought our Easter ham. I was very disappointed that the lowest price I could find was $1.99/lb. for a spiral sliced ham. Luckily, I did have a coupon for $2.00 off, but it was still pretty pricey!

    Goal this month: $550.00
    Spent so far: $403.00
    Left: $147.00

    It looks like I just might make it!

  • Well I was way off this month. I went to Kroger & cherry picked eggs $1.99 for 18 and margaring for $.99 a piece. Also went to Jewel for strawberries and lettuce & other odds & ends. I spent way to much. I will add it up later
  • I have lost count this month and I am sure I am over the 450.00 I had hoped for. I will try again for April.