Grocery Challenge February 2008

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  • Our budget for this month for a family of 4 is 400. I have spent 30 so far and am going to the store today to make sure the boys have enough easy food to make while I am out of town for a funeral.
  • I sent my dd to the store Friday and got no change so that is $50.00 already and today I spent $37.91 at GFS so I'v spent $87.91 out of $550.00 leaving me a balance of $462.09
  • I too went way over budget last month, I think I was shooting for $300.00 so I will up that to $350.00. This is just for 2 adults, food only. With all I spent last month I shouldn't buy anything for this whole month to catch up but that won't happen. We used to eat out quite a bit and now hardly ever (last 2 months). Jean I really think you do fine considering you count all your none food items, pet food, etc. with the limited choices you have for shopping. I know you make the most of Sav-A-Lot and WalMart when you get to go there. I also have to travel to get any decent deals on groceries so try to plan and have my list and coupons. We don't have any stores here that double either, used to 10+ years ago and really cleaned up on things like cereal, deodorant and toothpaste with sales and doubles, lots of free stuff. Oh for the good old days.
  • I spent $46-06 tpday. About $20- was for a supper at Church, but not many turned up, so it goes into my pantry!
    Budget $550-
    This spend $ 46-06
    Total for month $103-06
    Remaining $446-94
  • 2 adults, 3 kids, 1 dog, cleaning supplies, hba, paper products, and bottled water (with flouride). Budget $500 - with dh working again, we're kinda stocking up on stuff all over so we'll be high for a while and then can level off by late spring/early summer. This was for 2 weeks.

    Commissary: $203.62
    coupons: - 2.30
    surcharge: + 10.18
    Total: $211.50

    Edeka: 24,53E ($36.35) this includes the 19% VAT)
    Kundencard refund: -9,03E ($13.38)
    Total: 15,50E ($22.97)

    Total All: $234.47
    Balance: 265.53
  • Goal is 500.00
    Spent 118.02
    Remainder 381.98

    Store card savings-14.78
  • Coffe for the machine so I don't need to buy a decent coffee when I'm out! $9-00
    $112-06 spent
    $434-93 remaining
  • Budget $550-00
    This spend $ 34-20 Meat
    $137-69 Grocery
    Total current spend $283-95
    Rem balance $266-05
  • Stopped at Foodfair while I was up that way and spent 36.77 on some meat that was on sale. Freezer has plenty of meat to last for a while now!

    Prev. Balance: 236.47
    Spent: 36.77
    New Balance: 199.70
  • Only spent $48.21 so far, let's hope I stick to my budget this month or maybe even come in under, that would be a miracle. So I have $301.79 left to spend.