Grocery Challenge January 2008

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  • Doing good this month...
    Over the last couple of days, I have done my main shopping for the moth...

    Kroger: 33.35 (savings:9.82)
    Foodfair: 32.52
    Save-A-Lot: 36.56

    Budget for month: $250.00
    Total spent: 102.43

    Balance: $147.57

    I'm set for the main supplies, but will need to pick up fresh milk and eggs over the next couple of weeks.
  • I went to the deli for lunchmeat and rolls so Big DS can have lunch tomorrow (they sliced the turkey thicker last time, so I ran out quick).

    Total spent: $7.76

    Remaining for the month: 281.34
  • I spent $66.33 yesterday
  • I made a trip to Sam's for meds and ended up spending $100.00. I may start sending my dh , I always end up spending money in there

    $500.00 Goal
    $$73.78 Spent
    $100.00 Sam’s
    $326.22 to go
  • Over the weekend spent $61.13 and saved $30.96 in coupons and sales.

    Total spent $92.09
    Coupons $40.84
    Sales savings $31.49

    Budget left $182.93

  • Wow Roberta, it looks like you will come in under budget this month. I think I was shooting for $300 and I'm already over at $317 spent, I am really addicted to grocery shopping. I need to figure out how to break this bad habit. There isn't room for another bottle, bag, box or pkg. of anything in my kitchen right now.
  • Well a trip to Jewl and Kroger and I ended up spendingJewel-$59.79-
    Kroger-35.89-stocked up on chicken breast.

    So I still have Share and an Aldi's trip and $230.54 to spend. My dd#3 is staying here so my milk consumption is over the hill. I told her to simmer down. She is recovering from back surgery., so she will be here for a while. I'm cooking for 5 on a regular basis 4 adults and 1 1o year old. MY sil comes over often for meals now also but I am determinedI think I will make my goal of $500.00.
  • OUr budget is 400 and so far I have spent $9.81, $43.07 and $97.34. So all together I have spent $150.22. So I have $249.78 left. We shall see how we do.
  • I'm not buying meat this month as the freezer is full and needs to be cleared out to defrost. I over bought in the prior months because of some great meat sales $1.77 pork loins, $1.69 ground chuck, $1.80 sausage, etc.

    Stopped at the bread thrift store and spent $3.36 for 4 loaves of white and 1 loaf of raisen bread.

    Total spent $95.45
    Coupons $40.84
    Sales savings $31.49

    Budget left $179.57

  • Last night was a BIG shopping trip. I got a lot of "pantry stock" and a bunch of chicken breast as well. They had Perdue Perfect Portions on sale for $5 a bag, and I had 3 coupons for $1 off so it was $4 a bag for 29 ounces of meat. I figure we will get 4 dinners out of that, and it's freezer-ready since all the pieces are individually wrapped.

    I spent 138.93 (including 4.50 on a silicone liner for my cookie sheet--that will save money on parchment paper)

    Remaining for the month: 142.41

    I don't think I'll make it under budget this month, though. I should really do a higher budget in January since I always do a big stock-up on canned goods. Plus Big DS wants to invite 5 friends over for a birthday party, so it will cost me a good bit to feed 6 teen boys for an evening!