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barbszy 10-31-2007 05:39 PM

Grocery Challenge November 2007
Join the Family Corner Grocery Challenge! This is where we set up our own budget goals for the month's worth of groceries, and then track how we stick to them. Can we make it under budget for the month?

If you participate, please tell your budget, how many in your family, and whether you are including items like pet food, greeting cards, and other "nonfood" items.

Bilby 10-31-2007 09:44 PM

2X $12= 2x bread(4 loaves) and 2x3L (4 bottles) milk I think I can hold off till next monday for groc shop missing this week, with only veg shop on monday.

megrayau 11-01-2007 01:27 AM

There are four people in our family. My groceries include food, dog food, some non food items, like fly spray, toothpaste, toilet paper. Doesn't include food that I buy like cup of coffee, etc for lunch at work, although I try and take lunch from home most of the time.
Today's shop was $229-84. The goal for the month is under $550-00, so it might seem scary to think that I am almost half way there on the 1st of the month, I still need most of the meat, but from here on in, there is only really fresh stuff to buy for the month, so we will see how I go!

barbszy 11-01-2007 04:12 AM

There are 5 in my family. Since I usually shop on Thursdays and there are 5 Thursdays in November I am setting my budget for $500 this month.

My budget does not include: greeting cards, bird seed (we don't have a pet but we do have a bird feeder) and stationery. It does include cleaning supplies and paper products.

barbszy 11-02-2007 10:25 AM

Already did a good bit of shopping for this month:

Shop Rite 76.76
Acme 26.51

Remaining: 396.73

RobertaD 11-02-2007 11:19 AM

My budget is $300 for my family of 4 and 2 dogs. I include cleaning supplies, paper goods, and pet food in my total.

Went to Kroger's today spent $110.45, saved $79.41 in sales and coupons. Bought a 12 lb turkey $.68 lb, 10 lb pork loin $1.44 lb.

Total Spent $119.55
Coupons used $21.73
Store savings $57.68

Balance $189.55

Non grocery coupons $0


Lizzie-boo 11-03-2007 07:15 AM

I'll join again as it will be interesting to see if my spending habits will change now that I'm shopping less as entertainment.

My goal will be to spend less than $450 still. This is for all the meals for 2 adults as we both pack lunches (and sometimes breakfast) every day. We usually eat at home, with an occasional meal out. This will include cleaning and paper products.


cau 11-03-2007 08:19 AM

This is really working for me. I came in at $454.09 this month. I am so happy with myself.
My dd#3 is back home waiting for her back operation so I am up to 5 again. 4 adults 1 -10 child. It includes food, paper goods and all saops and cleaning supplies. Since we have Thanksgiving and I have a birthday dinner this month I am aiming at coming in near or under $550.00. Good Luck and good planning to all

Vjumpstart 11-05-2007 02:09 AM

Last month came in about $75 under budget, so this month will shoot for $400 since I won't be buying any soccer snacks.

My shopping for 3 weeks this month will be for myself and 3 kids (ages 7-11) and a stupid (yes she really is, good thing we all love her) dog. The rest of the month will be for all 5 of us. This includes cleaning supplies, facial & toilet tissue, and gallon jugs of floridated water (there is no floride in the tap water here).

So far this month I have spent $67 at the commissary (this included buying 1/2 price halloween candy as the kids don't trick-or-treat), and $9.54 (I converted it, it is 6.60 Euros - fyi) at the German stores for 12 - 1 liter boxes of milk.

So I have $323.46 left.

megrayau 11-05-2007 11:40 PM

Dropped into a market last Saturday, bought a mango and two avocadoes for $2-00. Bought a few things today $21-41. So
Total spend so far: $253-25
Remainder for month: $296-75

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