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Lizzie-boo 08-03-2007 11:04 AM

The menu sounds fabulous! I agree that breakfast food tastes good any time of the day.

I agree that even though I haven't spent less than my goal, this challenge helps me to be more aware of how much I'm spending and what I'm buying. We're also more aware about actually using all that we purchase, so that's a good thing, too.


mindybean 08-03-2007 12:21 PM

Woo-hoo! It's day 3 & I haven't been to the store yet. I would like to wait until next Thursday when dh gets paid, but I'm not going to make it. We'll be out of milk in a couple of days & I'm running low on cheese & a few other staples. I've been doing a lot of laundry the last few days also so I'm going to need more laundry supplies soon. Maybe I'll just do a necessities only run this weekend and wait until the end of next week for a full-out shopping trip.

Goal - $550
Spent - $0
Remaining - $550

jeandeanette 08-03-2007 05:35 PM

Spent 142.30 at wm and 42 cents at Food city.

Left to spend--337.45

cau 08-03-2007 05:48 PM

I sent dd to the store yesterday for lunchmeat, wraps, milk as we had nothing home. I'm making a list for dh this week and hope to feel well enough to do an Aldi's run next week.

Goal- $600.00

Lizzie-boo 08-05-2007 08:02 PM

I resisted the urge to go to the grocery store today. DH's brother, the brother's wife, and three of their four kids were visiting from Toronto. We all went out to dinner last night, but they were coming to our house today for lunch. I scrounged around and decided that I had enough food to adequately provide lunch today, so we ate out of the refrigerator and pantry. No extra money spent! Yippee!


mindybean 08-06-2007 05:47 AM

DH & dd's went to the grocery store yesterday for some staples (& some extras since the kids were along). He spent $36.74.

Budget - $550
Spent - $36.74
Remaining - $513.26

I need to make a trip to Walmart for laundry det, Shout gel, bleach, a few groceries, and some school supplies. Not sure if I'll do it today, I don't like going to Walmart. I really need to make a trip to Costco, but we're leaving Friday to go camping for the weekend so I'm not sure when I'll make it. DH gets paid Thursday so I can't go to Costco before then. Walmart & Costco will put a major dent in my budget.

cau 08-06-2007 12:05 PM

Yesterday was dgd's 10th b-day and I was bring the sheet cake for the family reunion. Of course Sam's was out of sheet cakes so I ended up with a big round one for !4.88 and a big box of cupcakes for !4.Today dd invited her sisters over to celebrate Cass' b-day dinner. So a trip to Ultra for a family pack of smoked sausage & corn on the cob. Expensive weekend

Goal $600.00
Spent so far-$173.23

Only $426.77 to last the rest of the month.

jrztomato 08-08-2007 03:33 PM

ate out today with a friend so need to update...

[COLOR=#000080]total.... 244.15 to start with


megrayau 08-08-2007 03:39 PM

I need milk and bread today and maybe a couple of other bits. It's the bits that add up! I will try and stay under $30-00 for today. Haven't had to buy meat this month yet, there was left over last month and it's still going.

Lizzie-boo 08-08-2007 03:44 PM

Went to the grocery store, so I'll update my totals too:

Previous balance remaining: $490.99
Weis: $53.98

New balance remaining: $437.01


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