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  • My son will be graduating and celebrating his 18th birthday about 2 weeks apart. I am at a loss as to how to celebrate these events at the same time. Usually for his birthday he gets to pick a restaurant and we have family and a few friends attend. With graduation he has informed me that he would like more people to attend, so a restaurant will not be an option because of the price involved. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • When my dd graduated high school a couple of years ago, we had a cook out. We did burgers and hotdogs, all kinds of salads, drinks and I bought a huge graduation cake. We had family and friends come and it was really nice. The only problem was it was very hot that day so I wish I had rented an awning so we would have had more shade.
  • ej2mom, Thanks for starting this thread..I could use some graduation party or celebration ideas too.

    Sammi, I cant do a cookout here..too wet and sloppy then.
    I am at a lost too for ideas, not too much family or friends left. People have left the area for work or better jobs.

    Maybe I should plan a pizza party at Pizza Hut for his friends? Any suggestions?

    Hugs, Janet
  • HI girls my son will be 18 next month . we are planing a halo video game perty for him and his friends up stairs and having adults down stairs so we can have family and friends at the same time
  • LisaB, great idea for your son.

    My son's bd is in it will be at the beach again with all his seems to be "their" thing to do..and they love the $5.00 Lil Caesars Pizza. All I have to do is donate the money! hee hee

    Hugs, Janet
  • Janet that's great I hope they all have a ball.
  • graduation/18th birthday
    Those are some great ideas, but if it's hot that day, which it usually is, my dad can't be outside. And our apartment is too small to hold a gathering inside. Any other ideas?
  • Maybe for the graduation celebration..have a simple open house, cake & punch & coffee. In an open house, people come and go...afterall it is just a day for everyone to give your child a handshake, pat on the back for a job well done, and wishes for a bright future.

  • What about renting a VFW or Legion hall? They usually are not too expensive and are air conditioned. They have kitchens and tables and chairs so you could still prepare the food, decorate, etc. and there would be enough room. Or what about a church vestry? Most churches have rooms available for functions and they are often free or a minimal fee. Would renting an awning work if you dad cannot be out in the sun?
  • graduation/18th birthday
    Those are some good ideas also. I will have to check into some of them. I want to do his birthday and graduation at the same time. We will not be able to celebrate the graduation when it happens outside of the ceremony because he may have to go out of town later that evening for a state track competition, so I can't make plans for that weekend, because we will not know unitl too close to the graduation. Any other ideas out ther?