Graduation Craft Ideas

  • Hiya everyone... I hope someone can help me. I need some graduation ideas ( favors for guest and table center pieces) for my daughter's graduation party. She doesn't want the same ones I made for my other daughter's gaduation. They were a graduation girl made from minuture flowerpots. So can anyone help me with a site or some ideas... Thank you in advance and Oh yes I just joined today..

  • Welcome to Family Corner!!

    Im going to move your question to our Graduation sub-forum so that it will get more attention.

    There are lots of good ideas there too.

    Is there a certain style of decorating that you are looking for?

  • Here is a link with some ideas:
  • THANK YOU TAMI... as for decorating.. that's all taken care of. just the usual graduation decorationg at the party store by our house.. .
    thanks again for sending me to right forum...