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trainlady 08-13-2003 09:41 AM

shopping preference for gift giving
Do you prefer online, catalog or in store shopping for gift buying? I am thinking of doing some Christmas shopping from catalogs this year but am wondering if the convenience is worth it with the added shipping and handling.
What do you think?
peace,train:daisy: :daisy:

ajrsmom 08-13-2003 10:43 AM

I have already started my Christmas shopping over the net.

Kohl's. Boscov's, KB Toys & Toys R Us usually have pretty good clearance sales.

Ive also found that you can do a search for say "Target promotional codes" and you will find codes for an extra 10% off or something like that. Right now a lot of stores are offering free shipping over a certain amt. spent.

To me, this takes a lot of the hassle out of shopping!

I rarely buy something for full price though.

Good Luck!!

shine 12-10-2003 11:36 AM

me i rather go to shopping in the store than shopping on line cheap on line but the shipping is killing you.... shopping in the store is pretty cool if you dont have your kids with you 8-)

shine 12-10-2003 02:31 PM

Anyway what is a good gift for my mother in law?

somebody help me what is good gift for my mther-in-law:)

Abear 12-10-2003 06:00 PM


Originally posted by ajrsmom
I have already started my Christmas shopping over the net.

You've never had any problems being scammed or such with your credit cards??

I am so paranoid that I am afraid to shop online due to haveing to put a credit card number "out there" on the internet. :-O :eek:


Originally posted by shine
Anyway what is a good gift for my mother in law?
What type of person is she? What does she like??

LJsmom 12-10-2003 09:16 PM

gift for MIL
Someone just gave me a great idea, thought I'd pass it along.
In my situation I needed a gift for a 70th bday party. Cousin suggested finding out where they get their medication and giving a gift card for that store or pharmacy.
Meds are so expensive, who can't use a little help.
Its not really a personal gift, but something useful for the ones that have everything or don't really need anything in particular.

shine 12-12-2003 01:24 PM

gift for MIL

well i decided to give a gift certificate she can pick what she like:heart:

Abear 12-12-2003 01:34 PM


Originally posted by shine
well i decided to give a gift certificate she can pick what she like

I was going to suggest a gift certificate for a local cosmetology school for a day of pampering.....a cut, possible color, style, maicure, facial, pedicure...etc.... The students do an excellent job and are more than reasonably priced! (ask nagymom for an even more glowing recommendation!)

ajrsmom 12-14-2003 03:25 PM

Abear, Ive never had any trouble shopping over the net , thank goodness!! I try to stick with places that are well known and have security check out systems.

I have been a victim of identity theft though. :( :ugh: Thankfully through a lot of investigating, I was totallycleared. Household Finance will buy your name through a company and add you to their mailing lists, then they will send you a preapproved check (such a scam in itself). They bought my name and somehow got my fathers mailing address from where I used to live 10 years ago and mailed it there. As far as they can tell, someone who was living in the house now must have forged my name and cashed the check.....they got away with it the amt. of $5000. I had to go through a thorough investigation and take writing tests, talk with 2 different police sargents, along with HHF's investigators. It was on my credit report for over 6 months before I was cleared. Ill never forget the day that I got a phone call telling me that I was 3 months late on my $150. payment schedule! :-O Of course they didnt belive me in the begining. What a pain in the butt!!

With all of the cases that are occuring now, Im so thankful that I was cleared and no real damage was done. There are so many victims out there that have their lives ruined by some scumbag out for a good time. :ugh:

All I can say is be carefull!!

ladybugg314 12-18-2003 09:22 AM

I've done most of my Christmas shopping online (although I have done some in the stores). I usually try to find the deals that most online stores run during the holidays. Sometimes it's lowered prices on the products and sometimes it's free shipping. I don't mind the shipping too much if it's not horrible. I have 2 kids. I can't take my daughter anymore because she's almost 6 and understands now and my son is almost 3 - it's not very easy shopping with him in ANY store lol. I've never had any problems shopping online.

As for as the MIL gift goes, we are having the same problem. My DH doesn't even know what to get for her! We are stuck on ideas for my MIL, SIL (and her 3 kids) and FIL. I think I am just going to get them each a gift certificate and call it a day. I like the idea of the day of pampering. I am checking out right now - they have some great ideas!

LadyB ^^

Merry Christmas!!

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