Gift for mother of 4 boys

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  • Lots of super ideas!
  • I was just thinking about this one, and speaking from experience as a mom of multiples, convenience, was always priority when I was at home with babies and little ones, because getting a handful of kids prepared for a trip outside the home was a chore, and organizing a babysitter at a moments notice was usually not a reliable option, so... my gift suggestion, a couple dozen cloth diapers, a few pairs of rubber pants, and a couple sets of diaper pins.

    Cloth diapers and rubber pants, when it comes to multiples are life-savers! Even if I had used disposables on my children, I would have loved having an emergency supply of diapers, pins, and rubber pants on hand for times when the supply of Pampers ran low, someone got a diaper rash, or even just to change things up in my home from time-to-time.