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  • Hi I'm new to this board. But...when I had my 2nd dd, a friend gave me a diaper shower. I loved it. Everyone gave me diapers, lotion, powders, wipes. (All different brands) I didn't have to buy these items for awhile and when I did finally have to purchase them, I knew what brand I preferred without wasting alot of money to find out. It was great. I buy everyone diapers now because that has always been the best gift. It's somethig they need and it helps them money wise. I'm sure with 4 kids their dollars will be stretched tight!

    Also another great gift that a friend gave me on my second was ..she had called a few of my friends and they all took a night and cooked dinner for my family!!! We had a different hot meal every night. I didn't have to cook at all for that first week that I was suppose to be resting!!!! The food was so good my husband couldn't wait til dinner time to see what we were having!! LOL That was the all time best...And I will love her always for being so thoughful!

    Just a few suggestions... M.
  • Ok all I have finally decided what I am going to give my friend. I am going to give her: Wipes, footed jamies(size 12 months), sippy cup, and a fork and spoon set. I am also going to attempt to make a quilt for the baby. It will have little boys all over it, looking out windows.
    Her shower is at the end of the month so I hope I will have enough time to get it done.

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.
  • I think your gift will be lovely and I'm sure your friend will enjoy it!
  • I came back here just now purposely to post this, it's funny that mention a quilt!

    These are a bit high for a shower gift, but this could be something that a few people could go in on and buy, they are just so NEAT!!


    I just ordered one for my neighbor/friend. She is due at the end of this month. She made out like a bandit at her shower so this should be a really nice gift for her. These things are so pretty, they are quilts that fold up into a throw pillow. Hence the name "Quillows".

  • Size 1 diapers
    Diapers are great especially since a mother if she works will not be doing so for a little while and finances can get tight at this time. My mother threw my shower and asked everyone to bring a pack of diapers. From everyone at my shower I received a nice gift and at least 1 pack of diapers. Fortunately some people thought to buy size 1 instead of newborns. My son was 8 lbs. 7 oz. He outgrew newborn diapers in about 2 weeks! And I was able to find out which ones were good and which ones were not. I didn't have to worry about the expense of diapers for over 3 months and I am very thankful to my friends who made that possible. So if you give a shower gift, include a pack of diapers... at least size 1. Believe me mother to be will be thankful for it.
  • baby gift
    A coupon for babysitting would be a great idea with such a big family. Just to take the kids and leave the baby, I'm sure would be a great blessing.
  • When I had my third, I like most moms had alot of my things. She just turned two and actually the only items I do request for her are more personal items. Right now, she is overwhelmed with toys due to her older brother & sister and she still can wear my oldest dd I wish that for her I received items like ap photo frame to put her first photo in, a baby book as with my 3rd it seems that everyone thought I didn't need one, a special blanket that was not handed down, a special dolly or sleep toy, items along that line.....things she can keep for herself and items that I knwo my oldest dd would not want handed down.
  • When my best friend had boy #3, she told me that the best present she could get would be a gift certificate to Target (or K-Mart, etc) since they have everything she needs (dipes, wipes, clothes...!) I've since followed her advice for other friends when in a quandry (and with 2 girls, I'm beginning to understand!)
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  • I hate to sound like a parrot but if some moms have all the basics, why not make a money tree using all pastel colors. This way they can use the money for what they need. This is also a nice way of giving Money without feeling like you don't know what else to give.