Gifts for people who are elderly

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  • Gifts for elderly

    Here are some things I can think of:

    digital picture frame loaded with family photos
    local concert/theatre tickets
    box of assorted greeting cards and stamps
    fleece blankets

    What would you give?
    Or if you are a senior, what would you like to receive?

    hugs, train
  • Although I still have a few years to go before 'seniorhood' I would like to receive stationery.
  • Yep, you are definitely a HOOT!!!! I am trying to think of gifts for my parents!!!!

    hugs, train
  • Not a senior citizen yet but old enough to join AARP. I love any type of stationery, greeting cards, pretty bordered computer paper that can also be used for handwritten letters. Also fancy writing pens and gel pens. Also, tea light candles because they don't mess up the pretty holders they are burned in.
  • oatmeal, prunes, stool softeners, canes, these are essential so I've found. LOL I am a senior and lifeline!!
  • Variety box of cards with stamps, gift card to the grocery, gift card to the pharmacy, gift card to favorite restuarant, favorite slurge (i.e. tea, coffee, fudge, ice cream, meat, etc.), 2-4qts of their favorite soup in 2 cup containers, coupons for taking down curtains and washing them and the windows, cleaning of the gutters, etc. any household chore they would have a hard time doing and you have the time to do or can hire someone to do.

    I still remember having given my Grandpa $10 (5 $2 paper gift certificates) to Ponderosa when I was in high school for Christmas as he loved their fish and telling him he was allowed to use more than 1 at a time. He told me he'd rather go 5 times and think of me while eating the fish than going 2 times and having it paid for.

  • more ideas! please send more ideas! I need help here too!
  • I gave someone a large magnifying glass with a light on it at an "over the hill" party as a joke and they thought it was the best gift and were planning on using it. Hmm, think I could use one of those myself now.
  • I'm thinking ahead for Christmas. My mom is deaf, nearly blind , has alzhiemers, parkinsen's, and can't walk. I'm tired of buying just clothes and lotions for her for every holiday. Any suggestions? We are trying to find something that she could do that is not childish.. Hospice suggested kids sewing cards but , mom isn't that far advanced yet in alz. they gaave her a pillow with a stuffed zebra attatched with elastic and it has a pocket she can tuck the zebra into. also a zipper, buttons flannel fabric, but she's not ready for baby toys as she says. She doesn't like being out in public that much to eat so we have to be careful about that also. Help!! I'm stumped...
  • What about making a book of her life with photos from the albums at home telling the stories in the pictures to help her remember her loved ones. You could also put it on tape or VHS so she can "read" along with the bookt in her room.