Is anyone starting on Christmas Gifts Yet for 2010?

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  • I've bought several holiday kitchen towels. After Christmas last year they were 50 cents ea. I also have several country towels, napkins, and potholders (brand new) for pennies at yard sales. Many of the family get gift bskets of some sort - so these are great stuffers. I keep my eyes open all year for things.
    I am getting ready to make some napkins from a vintage flowered tablecloth. There's a couple stains that I can cut around.
  • I've been garage sale-ing lately and don't mind buying a gift preowned if it is in good condition. Some things you can't tell one way or the other (if it is new) like holiday platters and serving dishes to fill with Christmas cookies and other treats. I also can find holiday books sometimes, pretty jars to do mixes or granola in, and picture frames for giving to family with our holiday family photo. ---Mel
  • I agree Mel we just picked up two 5x7 porcelain picture frames from our church sale that still had the Halmark sticker on the back so I'm betting they were never used.