Keeping birds from eating my herbs and other seedlings?

  • I've planted a few kinds of herbs in small containers that are sitting on a tall stand. Now it seems that the stand is a stopping place for a bird family that is feeding their babies in a bush in the front of our apartment. I'm pretty sure that he is stealing pieces of Rosemary and Oregano but more than that, he sits right on the top of the stand and I'm worried about him pooping on the plants. YUCK!!!

    I've tied CDs to the stand, thinking that the reflections and movement would scare him ...but NO, not a chance. He still sits there looking at me! lol!!

    What else can I do? I can't move the stand to another location because it's in the front of our house where the sun shines.
  • Fine mesh screen. We used fine mesh screen after reseeding our lawn. Worked super.