Squash Bugs & A Natural Insecticide Solution

  • We had "volunteer" pumpkins come up this year where we left some small pumpkins to rot in the front yard over winter and along with the pumpkins and our squash, we got Squash Bugs. I've never seen them before but a lady on another group said they probably had laid eggs in the pumpkins and had something to munch on all winter. Ick!! She suggested hand picking them instead of using pesticides. Another lady said pesticides don't usually work but planting radishes beside them does... plant at the same time, apparently they don't like radishes. I like this solution as it is natural and in harmony with nature instead of destroying the soil. Can't wait till next year to experiment.. we don't like either pumpkin or radishes but love the ground coverage instead of mowing and depleting the soil we'll donate to a food pantry.

  • Another "natural" method for controlling vine borers and cabbage worms is to put your cooled wood ashes around cucumber, squash, and cabbage plants!