Yellow and black bugs! HELP!!!!!

  • I have identified what si eating my garden. It is a small insect about 1/2 in long. Yellow with black strips. Can anyone help me identify it or tell me the best way too get rid of it? HELP!!!!
  • My Aunt always uses hot pepper spray on her garden. I hope this helps you out.

  • Hi! For my garden pests I like to use Sevin Dust, I usually pick it up at Walmart. I like to dust my garden after a rain or after the sprinkler has done its job. Pick your garden veggies BEFORE you dust. You don't want to dust and then eat the dusted veggies, you should allow at least 3 days after dusting.

    happy gardening!

  • yellow/black garden pest
    I think it is called a squash borer. Not sure but they destroyed my zuchinni and other squash one year. Then I read that they get into the vine and a perfectly healthy plant is ruined. Also went to my cucumbers. I took the ortho sevin dust and put into old jar with holes punched in lid. Dusted tops and bottom of leaves before veggies were on...I wore gloves and turned leaves over. It really helps. Nothing worse than working hard, watching plant grow and prosper and than lose it to bugs or varmits! Good luck, shari
  • Hello,

    It sounds to me like what we call a Potatoe Bug, which I have been seeing lately in my garden. I go to my local garden shop and just tell them I need something to kill Potatoe Bugs and they give me what I need. Sorry to say but I don't remember the name.
    Hope this helps!

  • I had a bug 2 years ago wreck all our pumpkins. It laid eggs under the leaves. So last year I knew what to look for. As soon as I saw them, I took a bottle of diluted dishsoap and squirted all the pumpkins and the plant. It killed them all and didn't hurt the plant.

    I would try soapy water before a chemical.

    Also, I just bought a trumpet vine and when I went to water it it had little white bugs on it. I doused them with soapy water and haven't seen them since.

    Good luck with the creepy crawlers.