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aubry 06-03-2002 09:50 AM

Natural pest control?
Anyone have any suggestions for keeping critters out of my garden? I hate too use a chemical pesticide, but I have too do something. They are eating my tomatoes, peppers and squash!:ugh:

katiebird1487 06-04-2002 10:25 AM

One way to keep them away is to mix 5 or 6 eggs, a lot of cayenne powder, and some water together in a blender.
Spray this mixture over the plants and it should be able to repel these critters for quite a while. Re-apply after rain. I found this
solution in an old "Birds and Blooms" magazine.
I hope this helps you. ;-)

tlcsmom 06-07-2002 02:48 AM

There are several things you can try to elimitate your problems.
1. Planting onions, garlic, and marigolds around the plants.
2. Go to a hair salon and ask for the clippings of hair. spread around your garden. Rabbits hate this.
3. Shave the soap Irish Spring (thick pieces) and put in your garden. Animals hate the smell.
3. Take a rag and douse with Old Spice after shave/cologne and hang on a wooden stick.
4. for slugs etc try Diatamachus earth (this is sold at garden stores) and basically it is just sea shells crumbled up. It has sharp edges so when the slugs try to climb the plant they are cut and die. good luck.

prariegirl 06-07-2002 10:09 AM

Here is what I do.

For animal critters I use Cayenne pepper. So far it has kept the cats and rabbits away. Sprinkle all over the garden after rain. Keep off of plants though.

For cabbage worms and potato bugs I have used dt powder in the past. This year I have planted onions, marigolds and geraniums around these beds.

For slugs just place a tuna can full of beer buried to the rim in the ground. You will have to check it every morning.

For the birds in my strawberry patch last year, I painted little rocks red. I only lost a few berries last year.

I usually get a lot of aphids so I place ant traps around the vegetable and herb gardens. I will spray aphid infested plants with a strong spray of water and sometimes mix a little dish soap into a spray bottle with water and spray the plants. I frequently find lady bugs in the house and vehicle. I will capture them and place them in the garden where I see lots of aphids.

Now can someone tell me how to repel Mosquitos!ROFLMAO

tlcsmom 06-09-2002 03:51 AM

repel mosquitoes
planting lavender and lemon grass around your house and the areas you hang out in does a pretty good job. Also in some garden catalogs there is what they call a mosquito plant which basically comes from the family ( I think) of the geranium and it has a lemony sent. I am from MD and have tried these in my container gardening and so far it works quite well.

Rhonda 06-10-2002 10:14 AM

hope this helps
check out the site They have all kinds of recipes for anything you can think of. I tried their ant removal stuff and it worked great!! I also tried their weedkiller and it worked great too. Hope this helps you out.

iamloved22 06-12-2002 06:52 AM

What about Squirrels?
My garden is growing beautifully, but we have a lot of squirrels in our area and they are making a feast out of my tender little plants, they already ate 2 lettuce plants (one is coming back now that I netted it) moved my carots and ate all the leaves off my new pumpkin sprouts. I don't really want to have to net the entire garden as it would make it very difficult to weed. Any ideas?

prariegirl 06-12-2002 07:56 AM

I just read an article somewhere on the 'net. It said to bury glass bottles up to thier necks in the ground and add some ammonia. The fumes were supposed to keep the cats out. I am going to try this for the rabbit problems I have been having. I am sure it will work for the squirrels too.;-)

Georgiamc 06-15-2002 12:42 PM

Could someone PLease PLease tell me how to get rid of grasshoppers...They are horrible ever year around this time they seem to completely take over .in huge masses...when you walk across the grass they are like swarms..ITS HORRIBLE!!! They have eaten our onions down to the bulbs in the ground and stripped our trees and plants..I've tried dishwashing soap and lots of natural things but nothing seems to help...Have to be very careful about what I use because of our pets...kittens, dogs name it we almost have it..Would love any help anyone has to offer....Our garden is completely wiped out..:( Oh well we still have the farmers market..just not cheap at all...

One think I have to be thankful about is at least grasshoppers dont sting or bite...:-D

KristinW 07-14-2002 08:02 AM

Earwigs .... eeeek!
Anyone know how to get rid of earwigs naturally? At least not with toxic chemicals. Any and all ideas are worth a shot to me. So, please share your suggestions. I hate these things with a passion!

Thanks in advance!



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