Natural pest control?

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  • I would try site. This guy is amazing he believes in using natural remedies. If not on the site check out his books at the local library for a recipe.
  • Cool! Thanks.
    I went to the site and searched the forum. Great site with tons of information and great products. I found what I was looking for. Thanks for the referral!
  • I do not know how to spell these huge grasshoppers(locusts) they call them chicaters here in Tn. they are supposed to be full force and eat everything in sight. Does any one know how to keep them from eating my tomato and cucumber plants. By the end of the summer we have no leaves on the trees, no grass and the noise is terrible. GRRRRRRR.
  • Grasshopper answer
    Grasshoppers are relentless, last year they ate all my corn, little boogers.
    I found a good article in BHG. Hope it helps.

    Controlling Grasshoppers
    Attract beneficial insects: Plant flowers, such as marigolds, calendula, sunflower, daisy, alyssum, or dill nearby to attract beneficial insects. A few good bugs, such as robber flies, attack grasshoppers.
    Grasshopper diseases: There's a grasshopper disease called Nosema locustae that can help. It can be slow to kill the pests, however, and only affects young grasshoppers. Not all grasshopper species are susceptible to the disease, either. To be effective, it needs to be used in areas where grasshoppers lay their eggs.
    Insecticides: A number of insecticides also effectively kill grasshoppers. Look for products containing carbaryl or permethrin. Insecticides don't usually offer complete control because grasshoppers travel so much that the products you use may not kill the insects until after they've left your garden and gone to someone else's. Insecticides also won't keep new grasshoppers from coming into your garden.
    Note: In some years, the weather is the best control for grasshoppers. Cool, wet weather in early summer causes young grasshoppers to starve to death.
    ear they ate all my corn, bad grasshoppers.