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  • The rules are simple:
    Answer the question posed in the latest message and then add a new question of your own.

    The question can be about a person, place or thing, so it should start with one of these:
    What is your favorite....?
    Who is your favorite...?
    Where is your favorite?

    What is your favorite place to eat

    Next person would post: Mexican Inn
    and then would post something that is a question of What? Who? or Where?
    and the next player would answer and post a question

    Ok, I'll go first

    what is your favorite channel to watch on tv?
  • I really don't have a favorite tv channel.....

    Who is your best friend?
  • tie there,
    which would be Ann who I have known the longest but also Gloria.

    Where is your favorite place to shop?
  • Everywhere!! lol I go to WalMart a lot, love that place!! Also like Macy's and Penny's....

    Where were you born?
  • Ft Worth Tx

    What is your favorite color?
  • Pink

    Who is your favorite singer?
  • ooo goodness there are lot of them that I enjoy, so this is a hard one to choose.

    Mandisa is one of them

    Where do you do your grocery shopping at?
  • Vons

    What is your favorite source of the news?
  • tv or the internet

    What is your favorite kind of food ?
  • Oh, my favorite quisine is southern! Fried chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, tomatoes, buttermilk biscuits, banana pudding and sweet tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is your favorite place to go for an ice cream sundae?