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  • I have several that are my favorites, such as English Pea Salad, Potato Salad using mustard, Taco Salad, Nice Green Salad with all the trimmings in it using Italian Salad Dressing.

    What is your favorite color?
  • pastel pink

    What are a few of your favorite cookbooks?
  • one I have that the women of the church made up and several recipes are from my mom

    What is your favorite saying that you catch you saying alot?
  • "Oh My Goodness" ...... I say that a LOT, along with "You are a HOOT!!!"

    What are a couple of your favorite songs?
  • We may never pass this way again by Seals and Crofts

    Abraham, Martin and John by Dion

    Happy by Pharrell Williams

    Where are a few of your favorite places to go, locally, in the summertime?
  • Beach and over to family members for get-togethers.

    Name two favourite BBC shows that you watch?
  • We don't get the BBC channel........one of my favorite channels though is TLC................

    I like The Little Couple and Say Yes to the Dress.

    What are a few of your favorite kinds of salad to eat in the summertime?
  • Bean, Greens, and fruit! Love all 3!

    What are two of your most favourite holidays you have been on?
  • Amtrak trips to Washington and South Carolina.

    What are few of your favorite movies you have seen recently?
  • Hot Pursut and The Age of Adaline

    Color of nail polish~~~