YES or NO NOT allowed!!!

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  • Each person post's a question for the next player.
    That person must answer the question without using the words yes or no!

    For example:
    I might say 'Do you like roses?"

    ....and you might answer....."Especially the pink ones when they are in full bloom......"

    So you answer the question then leave a new question for the next player!

    Here we go!

    Do you like to walk on the beach?
  • Especially when the sun is setting!!

    Do you have lots of Halloween candy leftover?
  • No we don't get any trick or treaters.
    Do you do lots of Christmas baking?
  • Not much any more.

    Do you have a lot of leftover Christmas food?
  • I havnt made Christmas food yet.

    Did it rain in your town today?
  • It rained a little early this morning.

    Whereabouts do you live?
  • We live in Canada.

    Do you have kids?
  • one sweet little angel up in heaven!!

    This is a game we havn't played in a loooooong time so please be sure to read the directions before answering the question!!! Thanks, train

    Do you like to scrapbook?
  • Working on one now, and have in the past as well.

    Do you like drinking water?
  • Only if it has some crystal light or some lemon in it!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you have long hair?