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  • Favorite brand of dish liquid.
  • Whoops-a-daisy, Lauri, last questions was, favourite brand of hand lotion.

    Thymes Hand Lotion

    Favourite brand of canned milk?
  • store brand
    Favorite brand of Chocolate Chips
  • Nestlé Toll House

    Favourite Brand... spices?
  • whatever is cheapest

    favorite brand of pens
  • I love Uni-Ball Vision Pens!

    Favourite brand of Household Disinfecting Wipes?
  • Clorox
    favorite brand of toothpaste
  • Colgate

    Favourite brand of 100% (no sugar added) juice?
  • Welshs

    Favorite brand of Orange juice
  • tropicana, no pulp.

    Fav brand of lip balm/gloss?