Say Two Things - 4

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  • Was snowing but not anymore YEA!!!

    Just got rid of Showtime and changed to Starz & Hallmark. I really enjoy H~Mark channel and now I pay less than did with the Showtime and no H~Mark.
  • Had a good day at work yesterday.

    Just got to get through today and I will be off for two days.
  • Sunny 37* and windy today

    Staying in today actually got few more cards out i n the mail
  • So happy to have the next two days off.

    Will be busy shopping and wrapping. LOL
  • It my snow Christmas day......Went out to eat tonight
  • So ready for Christmas.

    Looking forward to having the whole weekend off.
  • Been off with Stacie and Autumn (one of her foster daus) Had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays had a coupon buy one get one so helped there

    Picked up couple more small gifts
  • Long day today, sooooooooooooo tired.

    Hope tomorrow goes by fast.
  • All ready for Christmas......Made stuffed cabbage to put in freezer tonight
  • Hoping for a smooth day at work today.

    Gotta get to the grocery store this evening.