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  • well i know you are glad of that.

    I hope you have a safe trip tomorrow.
  • Caroline, excuse me. Clean out your ears. It must have been stellajean that is having the bbq or even bilby. Hahahahahaha I'm gonna be lucky to eat just anything. Won't be anything special here. My dd and her hubby have to work at sams til 6. Time they got the baby and got here it would be time to leave just about to go see fireworks. This is what happens when you get old so don't let your kids get out of your sight.
  • OK Teresa, I'll be at your place around 6.......have the pork chops ready lol
  • I am working on laundry this morning before work.

    We will be watching fireworks tonight.
  • Our town had fireworks last night........It's been raining here on and off.........
  • Had a fun filled day.

    Very tired and heading 2 bed soon.
  • Hope everybody is in the best......Rain again tomorrow...
  • hope everyone had a good 4th.

    we had a good rain just before dark. Don't know if any fireworks got set off at the big celebrations or not.
  • Got up this morning to get my haircut and get some grocery shopping done.

    Plan on relaxing this afternoon.
  • Ordered dh a new cell phone.

    Was going to go to the local arts and heritage festival, but no money to shop.