Say Two Things - 4

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  • Paco, you and Caroline better watch out.

    Santa Clause is watching you...
  • Finished cutting up and cooking the last 5 pumpkins today...

    Making pumpkin bread tomorrow...
  • Teresa, I am one of Santa's favorite people!

    We are both so jolly! Ho Ho Ho!!!!!
  • Had another busy day today.

    At least I get to get some rest tomorrow on my day off.
  • Made 18 loaves of Pumpkin bread today...

    Tired and sore tonight...
  • I am enjoying a peaceful day by myself.

    And working on laundry as well.
  • I was so tired today, I stayed up till 2:30 finishing a book.

    Took a nap this afternoon, so I probably won't be sleepy tonight. lol
  • Enjoyed my day off today.

    Will be watching our Rays in the World Series tonight.
  • paco is it hohoho or hahaha...

    Theresa, how many pumpkins have you bought all together cause it seems like you sure have been up to your neck in pumpkins? LOL

    connie, did you have a monday on tuesday as well or did it go down ok?
  • Monday and Tuesday were good.

    Let's hope for the same Thursday and Friday.